TV: DC's Legends of Tomorrow "Fail Safe" Review

– by Michael Connally

“This isn’t my first Prison Break.”


This week’s episode continues the strong run that Phil Klemmer has built on from the pilot episode.  When this show was first announced I thought this was going to be a show more focused on action, because if you think about it you are sending super powered humans back in time to fight villains with weaker technology should be really easy for our heroes.  Instead this show tends to pit our heroes in situations where super-powers won’t solve the situation or make an impact in the time line


The Good: This episode did a great job giving enough time and dialogue for each character this episode.  With the main plot focused on getting Professor Stein out of a Soviet Gulag along with Ray and Mick this allowed the rest of team to show off their individual strengths for the prison break.  Anybody else get the reference when Leonard Snart told Rip “This isn’t my first prison break.”  I don’t think it was a coincidence that it was Wenworth Miller breaking Dominic Purcell out of jail.  Each character had a conflicting decision throughout the stages of the prison break they had to confront.  With Sara having to make the decision of taking out Professor Stein to save the future she is given wisdom from an unlikely voice of reason Snart.  This episode did a good job of expanding Heatwave’s character complex of with having a tough love relationship with Ray.  Jax having to decide if he was willing to sacrifice himself for Stein.  Rip Hunter had to deal with the gut wrenching decision to take out one of the men he recruited for this trip.  Then you had Kendra with very little screen time confront her fear of facing Vandal Savage alone.

The Great: The dynamic of the team was really shown this week because instead of watching the team in pairs, each individual had their moment to shine.  The format of the show is a trend that I think will be very successful.  Staying with this style will allow the characters and story line to really develop in a more methodical progression than seeing them time jump every episode.  What is great about this show is even though the origin plot is to stop Vandal Savage that is not what the show is really about.  This main plot of this show is for these individuals to find out what type of hero they really are.

Overall:  This episode continues the momentum of the shows short run.  Will it be as popular as Arrow or The Flash?  I am not so sure but it has been really fun watching.


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