TV: Gotham - The 6 Characters Who Should Be Introduced In Season 3: Opinion

– by Mark Cook

Minor Spoilers: The Top 6 Characters “Gotham” Should Introduce in Season 3

Author – Mark Cook

I am going to preface by saying that there are minor “Gotham: Season 2” Spoilers in case any readers have not had the chance to watch it yet.

If you are a fan of Batman’s Rogues Gallery, then “Gotham: Season 2”, was an enjoyable experience.  Executive Producer Danny Cannon, and Creator Bruno Heller, introduced the audience to characters including, Mr. Freeze, Firefly, Hugo Strange, Azrael, and continued to develop The Riddler, and Penguin.  There were even nods to Basil Karlo and Waylon Jones.  While the creators have mixed staying true to the source material with some characters and creating their own backgrounds for others, they have done a wonderful job in giving life to numerous characters who would more than likely not make it to the big-screen, while providing further development to the well-known villains.

At the conclusion of Season 2, Hugo Strange is arrested, Penguin is working towards reestablishing himself, Nygma is still in Arkham, Fish Mooney and the rest of the Indian Hill “creations” are on the loose, and The Court of Owls are seemingly going to take matters into their own hands.  With the focus of Season 3 possibly involving the reemergence of Fish and The Court of Owls, I have put together a list of the top 6 characters “Gotham” should introduce next season:


6.       Harvey Dent / Two-Face

I know, Harvey Dent is already in “Gotham”.  Nicholas D'Agosto does an excellent job portraying a young Harvey Dent.  I would like to see the writers give him more screen time, possibly displaying subtle details to Harvey’s “other” side.  The character is still years away from actually becoming Two-Face, but by providing D’Agosto with more screen time, he could help Bruce, Alfred, Lucius, and Gordon tackle The Court of Owls. During this time, seeing Harvey have moments of anger would be great foreshadowing for D’Agosto’s upstanding depiction of the character.


5.      Jervis Tetch / Mad Hatter

Dr. Jervis Tetch was first introduced in Batman #49 in 1948.  Also known as the Mad Hatter, he is a character who can be easily overlooked, but could also offer an interesting story arc, whether it was simply one episode, or as a reoccurring character.  The Court of Owls could hire the doctor in order to create mind-controlling devices for any major figure who could possibly thwart their takeover.  Focusing on Hatter’s obsessive, and psychotic, characteristics could help ground his character in the world of “Gotham”.


4.      Julian Day – The Calendar Man

Julian Day’s initial appearance was in Detective Comics #259 in September, 1958.  Day can also be seen as a subordinate character, but could create an interesting, long-term story to follow.  The Calendar Man is known for playing an important role in Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s beloved Batman: The Long Halloween series.  Adapting the aspects of The Calendar Man striking on holidays could be a great nod to Loeb and Sale’s series as well as create an intriguing, long-term dynamic for fans to follow.  Possibly having Day strike around actual holidays corresponding with when the shows air could create some anticipation as well.


3.  Roman Sionis – Black Mask

The next three individuals on the list could provide interesting antagonists for a developing Bruce Wayne character.  Roman Sionis’ father, Richard, was portrayed in Season 1 - Episode 8, “The Mask”, played by Todd Stashwick.  Bringing Roman into the fold would be interesting seeing as he always had a hatred for Bruce Wayne prior to his hatred for Batman.  He also loses his legacy in the comics, which could play off of Episode 8 with the outcome of his father.  He could be portrayed as a vengeful character trying to fill his father’s role while blaming Bruce all the while.


2.  Alberto Falcone

Alberto was another major character used in Loeb and Sale’s, Batman: The Long Halloween.  Even if there is a little age difference between Bruce and Alberto, “Gotham” has shown that such details don’t hold them back from their ultimate vision.  Alberto’s inclusion could be used in different ways.  The writers could use him as a “friend” of Bruce’s who eventually takes a different path.  They could also use him as a young Falcone wanting to carry on the family name, or start his own path due to being the “outcast” of the family, as seen in The Long Halloween.  This could shift some of the focus back to the “freaks vs. mafia” type conflict depicted in some of the comics.  A smaller sub-plot they could use would be Selina’s eventual realization that she is connected / related to the Falcone family.


1.  Tommy Elliot – Hush

Season 1 - Episode 8, “The Mask”, also contained a brief appearance from Bruce’s childhood friend, Tommy Elliot at Anders Preparatory Academy.  During the episode, Tommy is seen somewhat bullying Bruce concerning the death of his parents.  Alfred drives Bruce to Tommy’s house, where Bruce subsequently beats Tommy up, honoring the Wayne Family.  Season 3 could come back to the relationship, possibly making them friends due to Tommy apologizing.  This could later lead to a unique plot twist by fueling Tommy’s eventual hatred for the Wayne family, and his change to Hush.


Do you agree with the characters on the list?  Is there anyone left off?  Leave your thoughts in the comments section.  Thanks for reading!


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