TV "The Flash": Have You Figured Out Who Zoom Is?

– by Michael Connally

After traveling over the past week, I was able to get caught up on the shows I missed out on.  I have to say that this two-part story arc of “Welcome to Earth 2” and “Escape from Earth 2” was my favorite from this season.  This week’s episode shifted its focus to getting Barry and Jessie Wells from Zoom’s hideout to Earth 1.  Now since the crew has explored Earth-2 it has really narrowed down my theories on who Zoom really is.  Here are my theories with a little explanation.

Theory 1: Jay Garrick is actually Hunter Zolomon/Zoom.  The man in the mask being kept in Zoom’s lair is actually Jay Garrick and the Jay Garrick we have been introduced to is Hunter Zolomon or a Meta-Human working for Zoom.  It seemed that when Barry figured out that the man in the mask was communicating the name “Jay” he got really frustrated when Barry said he knew Jay Garrick and was helping him.  Since we know that Zoom is using Meta-humans to help him destroy Barry what if Zoom sent a shape shifter to gain access to the team to get Velocity-9.  Or it could be Zoom himself splitting himself between Earth 1 and Earth 2.  If Reverse Flash/Thawne is fast enough to split himself and Zoom is significantly faster than Reverse Flash, it may be possible that he is either using a different breach or splitting himself between two worlds. Zoom could be using Caitlyn to develop Velocity-9 to make him faster.

Theory 2:  The man in the mask is Earth-1 Henry Allen and Earth-2 Henry Allen is Zoom.  He is the only character we haven’t seen in both worlds for quite some time.  Barry didn’t seem too concerned when visiting Earth-2 to find out where his dad was.  Even though when Barry talked to his mom on Earth-2 we found out he bought his mom and dad a vacation but Earth-2 Henry could very well be leading a double life and moonlighting as Zoom.

Theory 3:  The man in the mask is Eddie Thawne who is the only character that wasn’t mentioned or seen in Earth-2.  I doubt the writers of the show would make Eddie another key piece to the story arc since he was the main focal point last season.


Who do you think Zoom is?  Let us know in the comment section.



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