Valerian Featurette: See You In Space!

– by Joseph Medina

Next month will see the release of the science fiction film, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. It’s an epic of the highest scale from the mind of Luc Besson, the director of such films as León, Lucy, and The Fifth Element. If you’re into hard sci-fi, this looks to be the film to help hold you over until Blade Runner 2049 hits theaters later this year.

Thus far, I’ve been pretty hard on the film’s marketing. The movie looks like it could be interesting, but the trailer have focused almost solely on the spectacle, and not so much on the characters in front of the camera. While that’s all well and good, if audiences don’t connect with those on the big screen, there’s no guarantee they’ll bother to check out the film once it hits theaters. While I don’t think they necessarily solved that issue with this latest featurette, I do think it is a step in the right direction.

In the featurette (which you can check out above), Besson discusses his initial attraction to the graphic novel source material, and how much of an effect it had on his life. We also get some great shots of the graphic novel itself, which looks like it’s boasting some real beautiful art. Besson touches on the main characters, their personalities, and how what really drew him to the comic was the fact that they were a normal couple in the far future. Now THAT’S the kind of thing we need to see more of from the marketing. We need to see more of their interactions and personality as a means for us to actually have interest in what’s going on.

From there, the featurette delves more into the technology behind the film — the visual effects, the scale, and all the stuff you would imagine. It’s all very interesting, to be sure, but again, I think they’re missing the point by delving too far into the nuts and bolts of this kind of thing, as most audiences won’t be drawn in by that stuff these days — especially given the sheer number of blockbusters coming out this year alone. It’s no longer a novelty.

Regardless, we look forward to seeing how this project turns out, and hope that it’s able to stand out in today’s blockbuster-laden climate.

What do you think? Did this featurette help you get any more excited for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets? Let us know in the comments down below!

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