We Know The REAL 'Star Wars' Working Title

– by L-R

Hello, friends, it's Da7e.

Hopefully you're at least semi-aware that I'm The Marvelous Da7e, the guy who columns about superhero movie news, rumors and speculation every Wednesday here on the site.

If you read other things I write here, you might have noticed my increasingly furious tone when writing about Star Wars Episode VII's non-marketing that mostly comes in spurts of tweets and Instagram.

This is going to lead to a lot of crazy theories and backdoor journalism. It's going to get confusing and there's gonna be a lot of incorrect speculation... a lot like superhero movies. 

It's with that in mind that Latino-Review and I are happy to announce my new, second weekly column: 

It starts THIS FRIDAY and will cover news, scoops, speculation and general crackpotitude, exactly like Marvelous Da7e has done for your superhero films. 

I'll start with this tidbit to form goodwill: The "working title" of Star Wars Episode VII is NOT The Ancient Fear, it's Episode 7.

We've got this confirmed from multiple sources AND - since the thing is already filming, we can confirm no slates are dashing around the UK with "The Ancient Fear" written on them. No idea where that name really came from, maybe from the slow-burning rumors that Darth Plagueis might have a role to play.

BUT - that's something we can discuss on future Fridays, my friends.

LR's got your back for all your Star Wars geekery, we don't need any stinkin' Instagrams. 

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