Wesley Snipes Movie The Recall Gets A Trailer

– by Tim Jousma

Cinema Blend reports that the trailer for the new Wesley Snipes movie The Recall is out. The movie focuses on five friends who make their way to a remote cabin in the woods for some fun and relaxation only to encounter anything but. They run into a man calling himself The Hunter, played by Wesley Snipes, who they think is crazy but turns out to be more sane than they realize. He also turns out to be their only hope to stay alive.

The only memorable part of the trailer is Wesley Snipes. I get the impression that a person would have a similar real life experience running into Wesley Snipes as the characters in the trailer did when they first meet him. Other than that, the trailer comes off as a strange hybrid of The Evil Dead, Aliens, and Passenger 57 that just doesn't work for me. The basic setup in the trailer is almost the beginning of The Evil Dead verbatim, minus the Bruce Campbell awesomeness.

The only interesting note about the film is that it will be presented in the Barco Escape format. Barco Escape is a new ultra wide screen format that essentially sets up two extra screens to the left and right of the main screen, offering a unique panoramic experience that could take a movie like The Recall, which looks mediocre at best, and give it a little more flare. The technology is exciting because it's a way for a movie to be visually more immersive than they are currently. The problem is, when you have uninspired work showcasing this new technology, along with the fact that only a handful of theaters in the country use said technology, you're not going to get people excited for it.

So what do you think? Are you excited to see The Recall? Does the Barco Escape technology sound interesting? Would you rather they save technology like this for movies that may reach a wider audience? Sound off in the comments section below.

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SOURCE: Cinema Blend

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