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As many of you already know, the embargo will lift for Justice League reviews tonight at 11:50pm PT/2:50am ET, but in a strange move, Rotten Tomatoes will not be showing off the score for the film as the reviews roll in, but will instead be “revealing” the score at 12:01am ET on Thursday.

That means we will have nearly 24 hours worth of reviews already on display before the actual score is revealed. Why is this?

Well, if you go to Justice League’s Rotten Tomatoes page, you’ll notice this little message.

Interesting, right? This appears to be a way for Rotten Tomatoes to promote their new Facebook show See it/Skip it. It’s unclear at this point, if this is by request of Warner Bros., some sort of joint effort between them and Rotten Tomatoes, or something Rotten Tomatoes is trying out by themselves. We have reached out to a Warner Bros. rep for clarification and have not heard back yet.

It’d be easy to think of this as another attempt for Warner Bros. to hide the score for Justice League, but in many ways, if they didn’t have faith in the film, this approach would be much worse for them. How bad would it be for them to allow this to reveal to happen if it ended up at another rotten rating? With this in mind, we have to think that the studio has at least some faith in the movie, and that this reveal could even work in their favor should critics view the film favorably.

Additionally, the silver lining here could be that this will force audiences to actually look at the written reviews and take a more proactive look at what the critics are saying rather than relying on the almighty Tomatometer.

What do you think this means? Let us know your thoughts down below!

Justice League hits theaters this Friday!

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SOURCE: Rotten Tomatoes

  • Makes you wonder how much Disney paid Rotten Tomatoes to hold off on their review score.

    • MoyBoto

      I can’t tell if you are joking or not. But its really WB who are the ones waiting til 2 days before the movie drops to release their review embargo… Thor Ragnorak’s reviews were out at least 2 weeks in advance.

  • Uber Critic

    That is a really bad sign. There is no upside. Worse, for Rotten Tomatoes to be conspiring with the studio, is a vast conflict of interest. I think I’ll be checking Metacritic instead.

  • Longusmaximus


  • TheOct8pus

    I dunno….there’s still a lot of anticipation for this movie. I’m sure (whether it’s good or bad) that it’ll make some serious bank. Tweet reviews skewed mostly positive…meh. I don’t care – I’ll see this eventually, but I’m in no rush. I’m expecting a dumb plot with some entertaining moments and lots of CGI…

    • Victor Roa

      same, I honestly am more compelled to see the Christopher Plumber Christmas Carol film instead. I like my Scrooges wither Michael Cain, Patrick Stewart or McDuck

  • Wild Dreams

    My own expectations aren’t high, but at this point if it stinks it stinks.Those who wanna see this are gonna see it regardless of the little number that gets stamped on it.

  • I like Rotten Tomatoes from an entertainment standpoint only – how low or high the critic ratings are compared to the general public. If I want to see a movie then a low score won’t matter to me. If I don’t then I’ll read the reviews and see if those opinions match my poor expectations. This has never been of any use to me about making my decision to see anything in the theater though.

  • Moby85

    I don’t give much credence to reviewers these days. It’s debatable if most of them (besides Chris Stuckmann) even critique anymore. More lines of type are given to whether or not a film fits into some sort of “progressive politics” (such as Wonder Woman as a feminist character) rather than what was film criticism in the 90’s and before: acting, lighting, editing, score, post-production, sound mixing.

    It’s interesting how we give Oscars for those traits in film still but not to identity politics, which is the “topic du jeour” of today’s film reviewers.

    Me describing film ‘reviewers’ vs. ‘critics’ was completely intentional in my post. Modern critics don’t deserve the label.

  • Kronx

    Metacritic score is 51 at the moment. Reviews seem to like the characters but not the villain or plot. Seems like Cookies n’ Cream. Vanilla with chunks of stuff you like in it.

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