Will We See Jason Todd In The DC Cinematic Universe; Chad Staheleski & David Leitch Being Courted For DC Film

– by L-R

Twenty seven years ago The Joker killed off Jason Todd in Batman's A Death In The Family. Or so we thought. That character later came back in the comics as the Red Hood.

I was one of the teenagers back in '88 who called the 900 number to let Jason Todd live. I got in a lot of trouble with my parents when the phone bill came at the end of the month so I feel gyped that I voted and believe DC owes us voters a full refund! Jason Todd/Red Hood will always be a sore subject with me. Apparently though, there are big plans for the character in the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe.

But that is not all. Extreme stuntmen/fight choreographers turned dope film directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch are being courted to direct a DC film. Which one, I'm not sure. Still investigating. The pair directed John Wick.

When I saw John Wick back in October, Kevin Feige was at my screening as well and I thought he was looking at Keanu for Doctor Strange. It wouldn't surprise me if he has the pair in mind for an upcoming Marvel film too. The duo's background in stunts, fight choreography, and 2nd unit directing make them prime candidates for superhero movies.

SOURCE: @umbertogonzalez

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