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No doubt, X-Men fans have been burned in the past. After two great films, comic fans were finally going to see the Dark Phoenix Saga get the big screen treatment in X-Men: The Last Stand.

Sadly, it wasn’t what fans had hoped for. It was one rushed subplot of a bigger narrative — one that left everyone a underwhelmed and unsatisfied. With the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix film from director Simon Kinberg, we can only hope we can get the adaptation we all hoped we’d get. But considering how little we’ve spent with the characters, is it possible for us to expect anything that’s remotely faithful to the comic book arc?

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Speaking with Deadline, actress Alexandra Shipp, who plays Storm, seems to believe fans will be happy:

“As a fan of X-Men, you are going to be very happy — because I’m a huge fan of X-Men and so is our director, Simon [Kinberg], who’s also writing and executive producing it. He is not letting anything go. It’s very accurate to the comics and he really gives the fans what they’ve been asking for, in my opinion. All I can say is that you’re really going to like it.”

Of course, it’s easy to say that, and difficult to actually do. Can this film actually do the comic justice? There have been rumors that say the arc will be tackled in two parts, and if they were to do that, we can see real potential in this actually living up to what the comic offered. However, at this point, it’s just one of countless rumors.

Do Shipp’s comments give you any extra confidence? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: Deadline

  • Victor Roa

    Remember when Halley Barrey was talking about how underwritten Storm was at comicon? I kinda hope she’s talking about that.

  • jonathing

    FOX is going to have to hit the reboot button after the Dark Phoenix Saga. The timelines between X-Men, Deadpool, LOGAN and The New Mutants don’t even match up at this point.

    • Joe Chaisson

      Deadpool kinda confirmed Logan is it’s own thing. In the teaser released before Logan it shows Logan is a movie playing in his timeline.

      • WTFITBS

        FOX has the opportunity to make sense out of the mess it created over the last 17 years. The only way to understand the transition of events between all of these films is just to forget certain details and go with it. That’s just sloppy and shows that they are making these films for film’s sakes and return on investment.

        • Joe Chaisson

          You do know it was more a shot in the Dark when the original X-Men movie came out. They didn’t know if that would be a success. They only attempted to reboot the franchise after the success of First Class.

    • mahunterjr

      Days of a Future Past was the reboot button.

      At this point, there are multiple timelines, and they really don’t have to bother with explaining which timeline each movie is on.

      • WTFITBS

        That’s not a good thing at all. What’s the point of making these films if none them are in respect to each other?

        • Joe Chaisson

          It’s not that difficult.

  • Kindofabigdeal

    Imperial Guard confirmed!!!
    I like starting rumors too.

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