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  The Flash follows the life of Barry Allen after being struck by lightning and put into a coma. When he wakes up he discovers that he’s been given the power of super speed, becoming the Flash, fighting crime in Central City.

While saving Central City as The Flash, Barry Allen works as a Forensic Scientist for the Central City Police Department which allows him access to information that helps him defeat his opponents.

The Flash airs on The CW and is based on the DC Comics character Barry Allen/ Flash, who has the power to move at superhuman speeds. The original pilot for the show was actually a two part episode on season three of Arrow. The episodes had so much positive feedback that the producers chose to develop a more developed pilot to establish Barry’s story in more detail.

Real Name: Barry Allen

Profession: Police Crime Scene Investigator

First Appearance: Flash Comics #1 (DC Comics, November 1940) by Gardner Fox

  The Flash airs on The CW broadcast network.

There are currently three seasons of The Flash available on The CW (a fourth season was recently announced). Each season of The Flash consists of 23 episodes, each approximately 60 minutes in length (including commercials). Each new episode of The Flash is released weekly and can also be streamed the following day (for free) via the official CW web site. At the midpoint of each new season is a multi-week break, which is marked by a mid-sesaon finale episode (generally a cliffhanger).

Rating: Family (violence, profanity, criminal activity)

Season 1: October 7, 2014

Season 2: October 6, 2015

Season 3: October 4, 2016

Season 4: October 10, 2017 (announced)

  While Arrow may have been the first DC Comics show on The CW it was The Flash that ultimately convinced more networks to invest in comic book TV shows geared to a wider, mainstream audience. The Flash is one of The CW network's most highly-rated series.

  The Flash is set in the fictional Central City (most key locations in the DC universe are fictional). Central City is located 600 miles from Star City (home of Green Arrow). Before Barry became The Flash a particle accelerator was built by S.T.A.R. Labs, which exploded when it was turned on causing a pulse of energy throughout the city. This explosion resulted in the creation of an unknown number of meta-humans (normal people who are suddenly granted amazing powers).

At the end of the first season The Flash created a vortex (a type of black hole) to counter a plot by his arch-nemesis, Reverse Flash, from destroying half of the Central City. This vortex ripped a hole in the fabric of the universe, suddenly connecting Earth to many parallel worlds.

Although Central City is a fictional place, the establishing shots of are from Portland, Oregon (S.T.A.R. Labs is digitally added in Southwest Portland).

Current Population: 4,186,800

Area: 145 square miles

  Daredevil's unwavering sense of justice brings him into the orbits of some of New York's most violent and deadly underworld forces, which includes street gangs, international crime rings, and mysterious cults who practice the dark arts.

Professor Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash (Matt Letscher) and Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) share the role of the main antagonist of The Flash Season 1. Reverse Flash ihe long-time, time-travelling archenemy of Barry Allen/Flash; he is from a possible future, and also a descendant of CPD Detective Eddie Thawne (Joe West's partner). Reverse Flash is an ongoing and major recurring antagonist on The Flash.

Zoom (Teddy Sears) portrays a loose adaptation of DC Comics' Hunter Zolomon/Zoom as the main antagonist of The Flash Season 2. Zoom is a serial killer from Earth-2, wherein became a rogue speedster who augmented his powers with the "Velocity 9 serum," which turned his lightning blue. He also masqueraded as The Flash of Earth-2, and is later transformed into the Black Flash, a servant of the Speed Force

Savitar is a displaced time remnant of Barry Allen/The Flash from the future. Savitar is shunned by Team Flash because he is a time aberration, and he develops a deep hatred for them. Savitar convinces Caitlin/Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) to join his side and he plans to murder Iris West (Candice Patton) before the Flash's eyes, setting Barry on a quest for revenge that involves creating the temporal duplicates and ensuring the conditions necessary for his own creation. When Team Flash prevents this, Savitar tries to find a means of preserving his own existence but fails, and Iris ultimately kills Savitar when he tries to kill Barry.

During all three seasons of The Flash, Barry has faced-off against multiple speedsters who are jealous of who he's become -- the fastest man alive. Whether it is Thawne’s pure jealousy of Barry’s life, Zolomon’s jealousy of Barry’s celebrity status of being The Flash, or Savitar’s jealousy of not being accepted as the true Barry Allen.

With the Particle Accelerator back online, Barry can go back in time to stop Eobard Thawne on the night of his mother's murder fifteen years ago.

  The cast of The Flash consists of a diverse and exciting group of young and veteran actors from highly-popular television shows like Glee, Scrubs, Ed, The Game, Justified, and Law & Order.

The Flash can tap into the Speed Force, an extradimensional energy that powers multiple Speedsters across the DC multiverse. The Flash has accelerated perception, accelerated healing factor, aerokinesis, electrokinesis, energy manipulation, speed mirage, and super speed.

The Flash can even time travel, but the side effects and consequences have proven incredibly dangerous.

WARNING: *Spoilers* follow...

After witnessing his mother's supernatural murder and his father's wrongful conviction for the crime, Barry Allen is taken in by Detective Joe West and his family. Allen becomes a brilliant but socially awkward crime scene investigator for the Central City Police Department. His obsession with his tragic past causes him to become an outcast among his peers; he investigates cold cases, paranormal occurrences, and cutting-edge scientific advancements that may shed light on his mother's murder. No one believes his description of the crime—that a ball of lightning with the face of a man invaded their home that night—and Allen is fiercely driven to vindicate himself and to clear his father's name. Fourteen years after his mother's death, an advanced particle accelerator malfunctions during its public unveiling, bathing the city center with a previously unknown form of radiation during a severe thunderstorm. Allen is struck by lightning from the storm and doused with chemicals in his lab. Awakening after a nine-month coma, he discovers he has the ability to move at superhuman speeds. Dr. Harrison Wells, the disgraced designer of the failed particle accelerator, describes Barry's special nature as "metahuman"; Allen soon discovers that he is not the only one who was changed by the radiation. Allen vows to use his gifts to protect Central City from the escalating violence of metahuman and other criminals. As the Flash, a costumed superhero, Allen accumulates a number of recurring enemies known as the Rogues, whilst pursuing his mother's superhuman murderer the Reverse-Flash. He is aided by a few close friends and associates who guard his secrets.

Six months after the events of the first season, after a singularity event, the Flash is recognized as Central City's hero. However, the event brings a new threat to Central City from a parallel earth in the form of Zoom, a demonic speedster who seeks to eliminate all metahumans connected to the Speed Force throughout the multiverse. Harrison Wells' parallel universe counterpart, and his daughter Jesse, work to help Barry and his friends stop Zoom. Their presences motivate the Team Flash to explore the multiverse. Joe and his daughter, Iris, struggle with their shared painful past related to their family, especially after the arrival of Iris's brother Wally West, whom Francine West gave birth to shortly after abandoning her family. After Zoom kills Barry's father, the season concludes with Barry travelling back in time to save his mother's life from the Reverse-Flash.

By changing his past, Barry drastically alters the entire timeline, resulting in the so-called "Flashpoint" timeline. Though he is able to restore the timeline to something resembling its usual state, this inadvertently creates new threats as well, including the emergence of Savitar (also played by Gustin; voiced by Tobin Bell), who somehow linked to Barry. After Harry and Jesse return to Earth-2, the gang recruits another Wells doppelgänger from Earth-19, although "H.R." Wells aspires to be a novelist and not a scientific genius. Meanwhile, both Wally and S.T.A.R. Labs scientist Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) begin to manifest metahuman abilities as a result of Barry's "Flashpoint" excursion. Wally suits up as Barry's speedster partner, Kid Flash, while Caitlin is forced to suppress her powers for fear of becoming evil like her Earth-2 counterpart, the ice-powered Killer Frost. When Barry accidentally travels to the future and sees Iris killed by Savitar, he is desperate to change the future to prevent that from happening, ultimately discovering that Savitar is a twisted time remnant variant of the Flash. The season concludes with Barry going into the Speed Force to accept his punishment for creating Flashpoint.

Clifford DeVoe has been announced as The Flash Season 4 villain. DeVoe is a legal eagle-turned-supervillain who wields technologically derived telekinesis and mind control, abilities that in the TV series’ narrative he perhaps acquired during the particle accelerator explosion

The following timeline expresses many key moments during the entire lifespan of the series. Think of this as a 50,000-foot overview, to highlight major events and key character introductions.

NOTE: each callout below references a specific episode from a particular season (the number corresponds to the specific episode).

Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Heat Wave (Mick Rory) are two of The Flash's most important and ongoing rogues -- these two are petty criminals who come into possession of power S.T.A.R. Labs weapons, which they use to commit increasingly daring crimes.
Gorilla Grodd is one of The Flash's most deadly enemies. A silverback gorilla altered by scientific experiments, he becomes the metahuman Grodd, whose powerful psychic abilities can easily counter Barry's speed. Gordd wants to rule mankind and often battles Team Flash.
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The Flash Seasons 1-3 are available now on The CW and Netflix. Season 4 debuts in October 2017.

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