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The 9 Panel Grid is a comic book focused podcast covering a wide range of comic related items. The podcast is hosted by Jace Milam and Emmanuel Gomez and will be released each Tuesday. Jace brings 35+ plus years of comic book reading to the show and has been hosting his own podcast, The Comic Source, for the past two years. Emmanuel has been reading comics and attending conventions for the past 5 years and is a valued co-host of The Comic Source.


 First Tuesday of the Month: Recommended Reading (this will cover books or runs of books from the past that we recommend. We will also provide info on where these stories are available for purchase in trade, digitally or as single issues), Upcoming Books for the coming Wednesday

Second Tuesday of the Month: Splash Page (a spotlight on a character or creator), Upcoming books for the coming Wednesday

Third Tuesday of the Month: Future Picks (a quick run through of the Previews catalog for the current month), Upcoming books for the coming Wednesday

Fourth Tuesday of the Month: Source Words (Opinion and news relating to the comic book industry), Upcoming books for the coming Wednesday – See more at: Read more at: