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Our Terms of Service is Simple: “Stay on Target.”- Gold Five

Moderation — Or what happens when you forget how to “Stay on Target.”

Naturally, internet debates will happen and that’s cool. Opinions are fine and criticism is more than welcome. That’s communication at work, but to keep everyone sane here is how to avoid incurring the wrath of our dedicated moderators:

It’s actually quite simple —  “Stay on Target.”

Our moderators use that one simple line as a guiding philosophy to what is okay and what isn’t on our comments.  The idea is for everyone to contribute constructively to the discussion.  While it is easy to stray off topic and bring other elements into the discussion, we want the focus of the conversation to be about the main topic.

If you need deeper clarification for what this means, you can find further details below, but know these guidelines are not to be interpreted verbatim by the user and our mods will use these guidelines as they see applicable to a given situation. If you’re unsure if something might get you in trouble, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Here’s how to be excellent and avoid comment deletions or getting banned:

No hate speech or flaming. This includes racist, gendered, ableist, ageist, homophobic and transphobic slurs and language of any sort. Just because something might fly elsewhere does not mean it is kosher here. Death threats and telling people to die is also a no-no.

Think you can dump on someone of a particular faith? Bzzzzt, wrong. Want to dispense medical advice without a license, which even Dr. Zed would advise against? Not happening here.

We also think rape jokes and the people who tell them suck. Don’t go there. In fact, it’s best to avoid punching down altogether.

Harassment will not be tolerated toward our community or staff. Additionally,  LRM will not be a forum for doxxing or obsessive, gossipy types that sift through the private lives of others be it staff or our community in the name of Internet “justice.”

 Every interpretation of spamming is prohibited. This means no unauthorized advertisements, links to any kind of online gambling, game currency sellers, follower sellers, self-promotion of mobile games, YouTube channels or unsanctioned crowdfunding, Steam Greenlight campaigns and charity efforts are to be posted in comments. If they are found they will be deleted without notice. We don’t care if you’re a prince promising us a life of wealth, comfort and marriage if we help you get a plane ticket to New York.

Additionally, repeat offenders will get blacklisted.

Do you have technical issues with the site? Shoot us an email at [email protected] and specify what kind of device, operating system and OS version you are using.

Is a user being a problem or do you see spam we haven’t swatted? Flag the comment or report the offending post at [email protected]. If ads are blocking your screen, tell us the region you are browsing from in the email.