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Marvel’s Jessica Jones is a live action television series about a super-powered private detective in New York City with a dark, mysterious past. Jones is a survivor of sexual and emotional abuse, but suffers from PTSD and alcoholism – she’s trying to get her life back on track when her tormentor, the vile Kilgrave, returns and begins to systematically destroy her life.

Jessica Jones is a series intended for an adult audience (it is NOT a show for kids). There are many instances of profanity, violence, and sexual situations in the series, but the scenes of emotional and mental abuse are perhaps the most haunting aspects of the narrative. The show poses the question: how do you defeat someone that can stop you with a glance or turn every person he sees into a weapon?

The Netflix version of Jessica Jones is based on the Marvel comic-book series, Alias, by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos, which debuted in 2001 and ran for only 28 issues. This series introduced the character of Jessica Jones, who has become a mainstay in the Marvel comic-book universe. The Netflix series largely mirrors events in the final six issues from the comic’s series. Jessica’s relationship with Luke Cage was a core story arc from the comics, and the two have since married and now have a young daughter – their marriage and child have not been depicted in the show, thus far.

Real Name: Jessica Jones

Profession: Private Investigator

First Appearance: Alias #1 (Marvel Comics, Nov 2001) by Brian Bendis and Michael Gaydos


Jessica Jones airs on the Netflix streaming service.

There is currently one season of Jessica Jones available on Netflix (a second season was recently announced). Each season of Jessica Jones consists of 13 episodes, each approximately 55 minutes in length (no commercials). Netflix drops each season in its entirety on a single day; consequently, viewers can watch any episode in any order on the day they all drop.

Rating: Mature (graphic violence, profanity, nudity, sexual situations)

Season 1: April 10, 2015

Season 2: 2018 (TBD)


Jessica Jones is the second of several Marvel/Netflix shows (including Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Punisher). This infographic contains important information regarding themes, tone, style, and storytelling to help determine whether this is the right show for you.


Jessica Jones is set in New York’s legendary “Hell’s Kitchen” neighborhood (aka Clinton or Midtown West). The name Hell’s Kitchen generally refers to the area from 34th to 59th Streets. Starting west of Eighth Avenue and north of 43rd Street. Most of the buildings are older, and are often walk-up apartments.

The area consists of nearly 60 city blocks overlaps the Times Square Theater District, the Garment District, the southern edge of Central Park, and borders both the Hudson River and the West Side Highway. Key landmarks include the Port Authority Bus Terminal, Studio 54, and Hearst Tower.

Although the show is set in modern-day, it references a version of “the Kitchen” from the 70s, when it was a gritty, working-class neighborhood of Irish and Hispanic immigrants.

Current Population: 45,884

Area: 0.841 square miles


Jessica Jones is unlike most other superhero TV shows and movies. She does not wear a costume, she lives in the real world, and she faces enemies that are very much human (albeit with powers of their own). This show primarily explores the Marvel universe from a female perspective and addresses many important real-world issues, including rape, empowerment, addiction, and interracial relationships.

The major focus of Jessica Jones Season 1 is the conflict with Kilgrave and how he asserts his power and those he manipulates. To a lesser extent, however, there are several subplots regarding the NYPD, a murder mystery, and a shadowy government organization – these secondary plots are tied to the central story, however.

While the Kilgrave storyline ends with the Season 1 finale, there are several plot points that remain unresolved. Foremost, the group that provided Simpson with super-soldier pills to artificially regulate his strength and emotional states is growing in strength. This sets up the “Nuke” storyline, which stems from both the Daredevil and Captain America comics, wherein Nuke is an unstoppable and psychotic military veteran bent on violence.



Kilgrave is certainly not a physical match for Jessica Jones, but his nearly unstoppable mental powers pose a lethal threat to everyone around him. Kilgrave observed Jones in-action several years ago, when she saved a woman from a violent physical assault — Kilgrave infected Jones with his power and sexually abused her over a period of months, until she managed to escape. Jones is terrified to face him, but realizes that he’s become totally unhinged.


The cast of Jessica Jones is a mix of well-known Hollywood veterans, international stars, and emerging talent. The cast has performed in such legendary movies as The Matrix, John Wick, and Sin City, as well as epic television shows like Doctor Who, Deadwood, and Breaking Bad.


Jones’ amazing physical powers were triggered by a freak industrial accident when she was a teenager. During a family road trip her father rammed into the rear of a military truck carrying a mysterious chemical compound. In the accident, both of her parents and her younger brother were killed. Jessica survived but was also imbued with incredible strength, enhanced agility, and extraordinary toughness.In Marvel’s Alias comics Jones can also fly, but this ability isn’t evident in Season 1; however, she can leap at least two stories in height. Jones was a former Avenger in the comics and wore a bright white costume with a purple sash — this history is also not explored.WARNING: *Spoilers* follow…SEASON 1 RECAP:
We meet Jessica Jones several years after she earned her powers. She is a self-employed private investigator in New York, in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. Jones has severe emotional issues stemming from a sexual abuse incident with the Kilgrave, a British citizen who possesses the ability to control people’s minds. Jones escaped from Kilgrave prior to the start of the season, and believes him to be dead. Jones suffers from PTSD and bears incredible guilt due to the loss of her family, she has become an alcoholic with deep anger issues.Kilgrave is not dead, however, he resurfaces and tracks Jones down, intending to renew their abusive relationship. Jones meets Luke Cage, another super-powered resident of New York, they become involved in an intimate relationship, which enrages Kilgrave and sends him on a rampage, killing and maiming other innocents. Jones aligns with her neighbor Malcolm and her childhood friend Trish, and together with her lawyer Hogarth and an NYPD sergeant named Simpson they plot to take down Kilgrave.

One of the interesting subplots in Jessica Jones involves Trish and Simpson, who also become involved in an intimate relationship. We learn that Trish is training to be a fighter, learning Krav Maga (in the comics, Trish is the superhero Hellcat, which might be explored in Season 2).

We also learn that Simpson is a former special forces Soldier who was involved in a government-funded super-soldier program; Simpson takes a series of red, white, and blue pills that enhances strength but also creates psychosis – he becomes violent and dangerous by the end of Season 1 (in the comics Simpson is the villain Nuke); Simpson is captured by his former handlers, and it seems apparent that his storyline will evolve in Season 2.



The following timeline expresses many key moments in Jessica Jones‘ first season. Think of this as a 50,000-foot view of the whole series to give you a sense of the major events and character introductions.


The following video clip appeared in Season 1, Episode 2, titled “AKA Crush Syndrome.” Jessica has been surveilling and photographing Luke Cage, a local bar owner. She learns that a group of men are planning to attack Cage, and decides to intervene — and discovers Cage’s big secret!



This video from Season 1, Episode 12, titled “AKA Take a Bloody Number.” Cage is under Kilgrave’s mind control, he is sent to kill Jones. The resulting fight is emotionally and physically powerful.



The following gallery contains several tesaers, trailers, featurettes, and other video content from Netflix’s promotional materials.To view different videos, click the row of icons below the main video.


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Daredevil Season 1 and 2 are available now on Netflix. Season 3 debuts in 2018.

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