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Yahoo! Movies blog Movie Talk interviewed actors Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone about their reactions to Spidey’s costume in the upcoming comic book movie “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

Stone was eager to touch the suit when she saw Garfield in it for the first time.

“It was so tactile,” she said. “I immediately was just touching him. Because you never expect to be in the room with Spider-Man, and the suit was just so well made and so beautiful.”

Garfield had a variety of feelings about the suit.

“It was overwhelming, of course, and surreal, and you kind of can’t believe it,” he explained. “I think if I started to believe it then I’d lose my mind a little.”

The actor also revealed that the design process of the suit and to tailor to fit him was a long four-month long task.

“I had to fly to certain places to get certain body scans, and my body was changing because I was training,” he said.

And the fitting into the one-piece costume takes about 20 minutes and the mask completely covers the face.

But, the mask did not hurt his ability to act properly.

“It freed you up, more than inhibited, absolutely, because of the power of the mask,” he said.

“The Amazing Spider-Man” will be in theaters on July 3rd.

Source: Yahoo! Movies