– by Joseph Jammer Medina

the_last_full_measureIt’s been a decade since Civil War drama “Gods and Generals” was in the theaters. And that sequel followed the 1993 Civil War epic “Gettysburg.”

Will “The Last Full Measure” finally make it to the big screen after a long wait?

According to “Gettysburg” and “Gods & Generals” director Ronald F. Maxwell, Civil War fans may have to wait a little longer.

In an exclusive phone interview with Latino-Review, Maxwell carefully updated the status of adapting Jeffrey Shaara’s book about the Civil War after Gettysburg. He was promoting an indie Civil War film “Copperhead,” which is in select theaters later this week.

“I would love to do the third part of the trilogy. It’s a big movie like the other two, which is an epic genre,” he told Latino-Review. “The epic part is the time to tell the story. And it’s because it has to cover the [battles of] the Wilderness and Petersburg to [events at] the Appomattox, it’s going to need three plus hours again. It’ll be a big budget [film].”

Maxwell is still hopeful for complete the trilogy.

“So never say never,” he added. “It’s not even on the backburner. It’s on no burner right now. But, if ‘Copperhead’ does well, all bets are off. Then people who invest in these kind of movies can say ‘Hey! Maybe there is an audience for Civil War material.’”

Although “The Last Full Measure” is going nowhere, Maxwell’s western “Belle Starr” may finally be moving forward.

“It’s a classic western. The difference being is that the lead is a woman. It’s based on the book ‘Belle Starr’ written by Speer Morgan, which is a terrific book. We got it slated to go next summer,” he explained.

“Belle Starr” is about the notorious western outlaw from 1860s till her mysterious death in 1889. She was also known as the “Queen of the Oklahoma Outlaws,” “Bandit Queen,” and the “Female Jesse James.”

Maxwell optioned the film rights of the book back in 2007.

The full interview with Maxwell on Civil War indie pic “Copperhead” will be published on Latino-Review later this week.

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