– by Joseph Jammer Medina

thepurgeJames DeMonaco’s The Purge was a big success for Universal Pictures. On a budget of only $3 million, it managed to take in $64.5 million. The studio has green lit and is fast-tracking a sequel. Despite the first being deemed a creative failure by critics, and moviegoers giving it a CinemaScore of C, Universal sees the obvious merits in low-budget horror movies like these.  Even though the film wasn’t loved, it has in its favor a premise that is very intriguing and open-ended.

The film’s central plot device- A government-sanctioned night of lawlessness where people are allowed to do whatever they want- lends itself to a series of films that can tell standalone stories using different characters each time. It stands to reason that if DeMonaco is able to come up with an intriguing scenario within that premise, that fans would flock to see the film regardless of their distaste forthe first. In essence, it’s a series that can reboot itself with every entry.

Universal knows this and has announced an extremely quick turnaround for the sequel. It’s set to arrive in theaters a mere eight months from now on June 20, 2014.

Did you see the first? Would you return for a second?


SOURCE: The Wrap

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