5 Actors Who Could Be Black Batman

First, let me say that I think “Black Batman” is a terrible idea. It’s dreadfully bad. Warner Brothers can’t even make a decent Batman film, post Nolan, and now they seemingly want to make a completely untested version of the character? It feels like the ultimate cash grab, disguised as diversity and I hope fans see through it.

Its not that the character shouldn’t be represented by an African American actor (or one who’s Hispanic or Asian for that matter) but…why? What does it solve? What does it prove? Why not use already established characters from the DC stable to show how representative you can be? Give us a decent John Stewart/ Green Lantern film. Produce a gritty Bronze Tiger show. Dang, I’d stream the heck out of a Hardware series, if there was a special appearance by the Blood Syndicate. That be dope. But, I digress…

We Got This Covered reports that the studio reportedly wants actor Daniel Kaluuya to play the caped crusader in an elsewhere type of film. Kaluuya is a fine choice, but there are much better selections in my opinion. If you’re going to completely revamp an established character with a loyal fan base that dates back generations, you’ll need the best actor to give it a fighting chance.

So lets get two actors out of the way who’ll never be Batman, but easily could be; Idris Elba and Mahershala Ali. They could both do this in their sleep, while bringing the style and gravitas that the character demands. Mahershala will hopefully be our next Blade and Idris might be a bit long in the tooth for the part (unless we’re getting an older Frank Miller style Batman) so they’re both out of the running. You could also throw Donald Glover in the mix, who could charm the pants off everyone, but at 5’9, lets be honest; He’s not donning a cape and cowl anytime soon without a couple apple boxes just out of frame.

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So all those gentlemen gone, here are my top choices, in the order of likelihood.

Terrence Howard

Can you imagine? Nothing would spurn Marvel more then Rhodey Mark I saving the day as the Dark Knight and worse, the public loving it. It be like when your ex walks into the party with a new dress on and you wonder why you ever broke up in the first place. He’s got the name recognition now with his run on the show “Empire”, but he’s probably in the same category as Idris though as far as age, so that’s why he’s number five on the list.

Omar Sy

Omar Sy Batman

Love me some Omar Sy. He steals the show in “The Intouchables” (the movie Kevin Hart’s “The Upside” is based on) and he’s also had roles in “Jurassic World” and “Call of the Wild”. Homeboy’s got the size at 6’3 and his charismatic as heck, but he’s also French, which might push him out of the running, but if they ever decide to make a “Batman Incorporated” film and there’s a Batman in France…it’s defiantly this guy. 

Mike Colter

Sweet Christmas, if Mike Colter never gets to be Luke Cage again it’ll be a crime. If you haven’t seen Season 1, where he goes up against Mahershala Ali’s “Cottonmouth”, stop everything and binge the entire season this second. In any event, Colter probably isn’t doing a Marvel show or film again, so let him suit up as the masked vigilante. He’s got the physique, the fan following and more name recognition now with his show “Evil” on CBS. 

John Boyega

Ya, I know he’s a Disney / Star wars guy, but that doesn’t necessarily count him out. I think he definitely has more of a commercial appeal then Kaluuya, but it would have to be an earlier, less established take on the character. In the end, it would probably be a Godfather moment for him though and he couldn’t go against the family.

Sterling K. Brown.

Sterling K. Brown’s N’Jobu character was killed off in Black Panther, but I kept waiting for him to come back somehow, because his acting ability waaaay exceeded what he got to do in the film. It was a classic case of out punting your coverage. Marvel usually doesn’t misstep with casting, but to me this may be one of their biggest, because, he could do any part in the Marvel Universe you give him. He’s a household name with the “This is Us” crowd. He’s ripped beyond belief (search his “Men’s Health Favorite Body Weight Workout” if you don’t believe me). Lastly, he’s a monster of an actor and would bring the most interesting set of acting chops of all the men discussed. His casting alone would convince me that his Batman film would work. He’s that good.

Who do you think would be a great diverse Batman? Tell us in the comments below.

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