– by Tim Jousma


According to Entertainment Weekly, Adam West is set to guest star in an upcoming episode of the DC Comics television show Powerless. Scheduled to play the character Dean West, Chairman of Wayne Industries, he makes his way to Charm City after an attack on Gothan City forces Wayne Industries to make some cut backs to the company. Dean will interact with Van Wayne and Emily Locke, played by Alan Tudyk and Vanessa Hudgens. Adam West had previously been on the show as the narrator for the pilot episode.

Powerless has received mixed reviews since debuting on February 2nd of this year. While I certainly think the premise of the show is interesting and can lead to some good stories with the right group of characters, the show has come off as an Office clone minus the laughs. While some have enjoyed the light hearted aspects of the show, others have criticised the uneven tone, commenting on how the show hasn’t found a solid identity as of yet.

Adam West has shown through the years he knows how to bring the laughs. Whether it be guest shots on The Simpsons or his role as the Mayor of Quohog on Family Guy, West has a deadpan delivery that allows him to make even the most simple of lines or actions funny. Add to that his rich history in DC Comics television properties such as Batman, Superfriends, Batman: The Animated Series, and others, you have someone whose presence brings credibility to a show that needs it at this point. Adam West is not at the point William Shatner is in his career, where his presence on screen makes you wonder how big a check was cut to get him to guest star on a show and not what artistic reason impelled him to do it. 

Powerless airs on NBC Thursday Nights at 8:30 PM. 

What say you? Are you excited to see Adam West guest star on Powerless? What do you think of the show overall? Does it have potential or will it die a quick death? Sound off in the comment section below. 

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