– by Joseph Jammer Medina

“Alien” is one of the series that’s managed to maintain its hard-R edge throughout its many sequels. From film series like “The Expendables” and “Die Hard,” There are plenty of examples of movies that started out as no-holds-barred affair, and have devolved into more accessible films. This has never been the case for “Alien.” Even the prequel film, “Prometheus” went all-out, not only showing plenty of violence and gore, but also forcing us to sit through a self-inflicted c-section.

But can the “Alien” series retain that R rating for its next entry? In a backstage Golden Globes interview, director Ridley Scott, in response to the idea that he’s one of the few directors making science fiction for adults, said, “That’s why I’m doing it, dude. I’m going to do pretty hard-R. Pretty tough.” This, of course, is in reference to the upcoming “Prometheus” sequel, “Alien: Covenant.”  

Scott went on to embellish his early experiences in cutting the first “Alien” film:

“I always remember walking down the edge in Saint Louis when we were previewing [Alien]. I couldn’t sit through the film one more time. I walked down the edge into the kitchen scene when John Hurt started to bring up his breakfast. That moment, I realized how pretty scary the film was… I felt a sense of responsibility that, ‘Had I gone too far?’ because it was extreme. I’m going to try and do that again this year, but much worse.”

Honestly, this doesn’t really come a huge surprise. As mentioned earlier, the “Alien” franchise has never had a sub-R entry, and it wouldn’t seem fitting to go in that direction this late in the game. That being said, I’m not necessarily one for gratuitous violence. So long as the action and gore has a purpose in the storytelling, it’s fine in my book, and Scott has never been one to go needlessly overboard in that arena. So even though Scott is planning on “outdoing” the chest-bursting scene we all know “Alien” for, I hope it’ll retain its integrity by being crucial to the story.

Take a look at Ridley Scott’s post-Golden Globes interview for yourself below:

“Alien: Covenant” will hit theaters some time in 2017.

SOURCE: Screen Slam

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