– by Drew Carlton

It’s no secret that Arrow has borrowed a number of plots from Batman, which is fine because the chance we will ever see Batman on a CW show is slim to none. In fact, recently there has been speculation that Oliver is creating a “black box” of sorts, where he will keep artifacts for the weakening, or destroying, of meta-humans he deems to dangerous. This comes straight from the comics, as Batman kept a similar box with all of the weaknesses of the Justice League, just in case they were mind-controlled or went rogue. (For example, kryptonite for Superman. The only JLA member he could not find a weakness for was Wonder Woman.)

Another thing heavily borrowed from Batman is the League of Assassins and the al-Ghul family. In doing this we were given a spectacular performance by Katrina Law playing Ra’s al-Ghul’s lesser known “daughter”, Nyssa Raatko/al-Ghul, in fact it was such a good performance that we forget about the more well known sibling Talia al-Ghul. A few months back, Lexa Doig was signed on to play Talia in a recurring role for the second half of Arrow season 5, and this likely got Law wondering if she could reprise her role. Cinemablend asked her about returning, and she had this to say:

“There’s always talk. Whether or not those talks will ever come to fruition is another matter, but I would love to have a reunion with Talia. I just think having the two sisters either fight side by side together or fight with each other would be epic either way. And then if we could somehow do some sort of flashback with Ra’s al Ghul coming in as well… Let’s petition to make that happen.”

The only issue that could prevent her from returning is her hectic schedule playing Detective Rebecca Lee on CBS’s new show Training Day, which is a television remake of the 2001 Oscar Winning movie (for best actor, Denzel Washington) of the same name. Law insinuated that this new blockbuster is intensive and leaves her with little time. She was also asked if CBS would let her go for a shooting of Arrow.

“We shall see. I don’t know. It was a pretty brutal shooting schedule in the first season, so I’m probably going to have to lean towards ‘no,’ but I’m always hopeful and optimistic.”

We can only hope she will at least get a single episode reprisal of her character, as I would love to see Nyssa and Talia on screen at the same time, but only time will tell.

Alexa "Lexa" Doig, the new Talia al-Ghul

Alexa “Lexa” Doig, the new Talia al-Ghul

Would you like to see Law return on Arrow? Could the al-Ghuls be behind Prometheus? Will we ever see Batman or is Arrow as close as we will get?

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