– by Drew Carlton

Earlier today I posted a Supergirl pic where Kevin Smith showed a new Dc alien, and now I have an extended Arrow trailer for you. Check it out!

So here we see the return of Laurel Dinah Lance, The Black Canary, or so it seems. I think by now we all know it is actually Black Siren, which is Flash’s Earth-2 version of Laurel that is actually an evil doppelganger. Flash created a Multiverse, and it has allowed us to bring back long dead characters or alternate versions of themselves, typically evil, to pop-in for an episode or two. We have already seen 6’ish Harrison Wells, which is a play on H.G. Wells name (the author of The Time Machine), and there is no telling just how many characters could be brought back. In fact, we could see Reverse-Flash die and the multiverse could have infinite versions of him and we could get 10 seasons of this.

Could we get bored of this? Now that Flash has infected all the other shows with Flashpoint and multiple earths, it is possible that a major character death could be meaningless. Just bring them back from another world or timeline with either a slightly or drastically different personality. It is still the same character played by the same actor.

Until the story telling gets old, I am all in. I am still not sure if it is just the fact that this is about as close to the comic as you can get, or if I truly enjoy the plot that keeps me tuned in.. I am not the only one curious about the direction of these CW shows, check out these comments from both a LRM writer and our comic book expert, Jeremy Scully, and a frequent commentator that almost always has insightful opinions, Kronx, when commenting on Supergirl.

Jeremy Scully: “Cancel this show, and just fold it into a Superman and Supergirl series.”

Kronx: “It wouldn’t help. The core problem would still be there. Everyone is too damn nice. It’s kind of the problem with ALL of the CW shows, but it’s magnified in Supergirl…Basically, the show is about a team of 6 or so people who get along just fine and fight crime. Not very compelling stuff…”

Jeremy Scully: “or the opposite where Arrow tries really hard (to the point of ridiculous writing plots) to get the team to feel “not so team like”…”

So, I know these are just 2 people, and I must say again I watch the shows every week. But I HAVE to wonder, who else feels this way about the show? Have the CW DC glory days come to an end, have the plots gotten stale, or do you look forward to the 4 shows each week?? Has Flashpoint and multiple earths ruined all of the shows? Is the Berlanti typically super-nice storyline gotten old? I must know, please let me hear your thoughts.

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Source: comingsoon.net