– by Drew Carlton

So, this entire season I have had it nailed that Prometheus must be either Yao Fei, Shado Fei, or perhaps even Slade Wilson himself. After one quick phrase on Wednesday I perhaps may be under thinking things. After Ollie shoots Prometheus with a gas dart, which I swore he said was Diazepam (Valium – a sedative, specifically a benzodiazepine), Prometheus replied that he has a tolerance.

Hmmm. This may be a key reference to the children of Justin Clayborne that the series has eluded to over the past few episodes in being involved with Prometheus. He may have a tolerance to dycloseral — the drug used in the very early parts of the show by this minor antagonist to battle a disease that Justin caused.

I am not buying it.

I can think of a few guys that may have a tolerance to all medication after being dosed with the super drug, Marikuru, and I instantly think of my first suspect for Promethes to be Slade Wilson. This would make sense and then Artemis is Slade’s daughter Rose, but maybe that is even too easy. What if the real villain is even closer than you may think.

Roy Harper

The last time I remember seeing Roy was season 4 episode 12 when he helped to defeat The Calculator, and he rode off into the night. This guy has been dosed with the miracle super-serum Marikuru, has fought off its effects, and he left with a slight chip on his shoulder. Harper may be returning for some type of vengeance after Ollie gave him the option to kill quite a few people in their last meeting. Maybe he thinks Ollie has taken too much control of other people lives and he is here to put a stop to his mania. Let’s not forget about Roy’s huge drug habit in the comics.

Wendy And Marvin

Ok, so this may be a little “out there”, but in the comics The Calculator (Felicity’s father), at least at one point, had 2 kids named Wendy and Marvin. We know these two originally best as helpers on the Super Friends show, but they were reintroduced in the comics as fraternal twins. Could it be possible the Calculator contacted Roy and convinced him that Ollie is evil and that Ollie’s plans always cause destruction and damage? The only thing that has thrown me off of Prometheus being Deathstroke is the maneuver where Ollie referenced that he knew that move from Bratva. Couldn’t he have taught this to Roy and in turn he imparted it to others? What if Felicity has a twin brother and Artemis is just some spare? The short story is that maybe Prometheus is Felicity’s twin brother

So Juicy! I feel I am close here and I am leaning towards Harper being Prometheus. Thoughts?

What do you think?