– by Shockey

Batman Arkham Knight Genesis #2 puts you inside the mind of Jason Todd and makes you really understand that being Batman’s sidekick is really not that great.  As young boys fans of Batman we have this imagination of being the next Robin and having this great time fighting bad guys alongside with our idol.  After reading this comic it makes me second guess that dream. 

Peter Tomasi does a great job with the dialogue to show the struggle Jason Todd had as being Robin.  With Jason sitting above watching Deathstroke fight Dick Grayson and Tim Drake, he is constantly reflecting on his own time as Robin.  How he tried so hard to earn Bruce’s respect and trust; to only be sent away or told to help the victims while Bruce fights the bad guy.  What is great about this comic is for the older generation fans of Batman that may not have liked Robin because he was always in the way of Batman and a boy scout; Jason shares the same feelings as them.  

The artwork of Borges and Sejic does a great job of showing the flow between present and flashback between the three Robins.  I really enjoyed the artwork done by Alison Borges where the flow of the flashbacks make it feel like you are in Jason’s head reliving those memories.  The negative from this issue is not enough Deathstroke.  Anytime you can incorporate more Deathstroke it is a good thing.

Overall Score 9/10

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