– by Joseph Jammer Medina

While you can accuse Zack Snyder of an awful lot of things when it comes to Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, something you could never call the director is “Lazy.” The man does a lot of work, especially when it comes to the art and design of his films. Indeed, he often leaves no stone unturned as he assembles all of the visual elements for his movies, and even the stuff that doesn’t make it to the big screen is usually quite beautiful. And even the stuff that’s on the big screen is filled with more details than the average fan is able to process.

A few days ago it came to light that Snyder buried an easter egg in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice that few managed to notice, and it’s something that’s a testament to Bruce Wayne’s epic fight preparation.

A twitter user brought to everyone’s attention that there was a “Pb” inscribed on those Kryptonite gas pellets that Batman (Ben Affleck) fired at Superman (Henry Cavill) during their short-lived battle. Pb is how the Periodic Table of Elements refers to lead- the only thing Superman can’t see through. 

When asked about this, Zack Snyder’s favorite photographer Clay Enos happily answered:

Pretty cool, huh? But now there’s even more neat stuff to drool over from Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. These are things that didn’t make it to the final cut; alternate designs. They come courtesy of conceptual artist Robert McKinnon.

Below you’ll find alternate designs for Aquaman’s Trident of Atlantis, Wonder Woman’sSword of Athena, the defaced Superman Statue in Metropolis, the Batwing, and Batman’s deadly Kryptonite spears, and more:

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is available across all home platforms now.

SOURCE: Robert McKinnon / Twitter

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