– by Joseph Jammer Medina

There’s been a lot of discussion about BATMAN V SUPERMAN‘s performance at the box office this week. The stories have been fascinating to watch, as the news tends to be a double-edged sword of great and ominous numbers. While the film has, by any metric, earned a ton of money, and broke several records last week, it’s also been dogged by disturbing trends.

The fact that WB/DC opted to give the film an extremely front-loaded opening weekend- opening it in just about every major market simultaneously- all but insured it’d have a monster weekend no matter what fans and critics felt about the movie. However, the news of its towering figures came with analysis that concluded that BATMAN V SUPERMAN suffered a titanic drop from Friday to Sunday of its opening weekend. Then it had a great Monday, followed by another steep decline into Tuesday, and yet another sizable drop into Wednesday.

This brings us to Friday, last night. Fridays are typically major indicators of how a weekend is going to play out and, folks, things are looking grim.

Deadline is reporting that BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE dropped around 80% from last Friday to last night. It’s first Friday was somewhat inflated, as all modern Friday nights are, thanks to the fact that it included the $27.7 million that the film made in Thursday previews. But while that may take some of the sting off, last night’s approximate $15.5M to $17.1M haul indicates that the film is set to make $51-$56M in its second weekend- A 69% to 71% drop from last week’s $166M. This, despite the fact that the film has just about zero competition outside of GOD IS NOT DEAD 2, 30% of K-12 schools are on break, and 9% of colleges are off as well.

Alas, the negative word of mouth from fans and critics alike did, indeed, rear its head.

The front-loaded release last week also means that the film won’t be getting the kind of “China boost” that other films have enjoyed. For example, Marvel’s last “event” film, AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON opened in China two weeks after its North American premiere and brought in just shy of $160 that weekend. BATMAN V SUPERMAN opened in China last week, and made just short of $60 million. As of Thursday night, China had spent only $75 million on BATMAN V SUPERMAN in six full days.

Some had thought the film would break AMERICAN SNIPER‘s pre-summer second weekend record, but it’s apparently going to fall $8M-$13M short of that- even with its pricey IMAX, RealD, 4DX, and 70MM showings.

The approximate 70% drop this weekend puts BATMAN V SUPERMAN in the same dubious company as X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE.

As of Thursday night, BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE‘s global cume stood at $554 million.

SOURCE: Deadline

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