– by Drew Carlton

I am sure that your significant other has forced you to sit down and watch The Notebook, and likely, to your surprise, you may have actually liked it.  This is mostly due to the fact that Ryan Gosling is badass, and even I was caught up in his allure after watching the movie Drive when I actually went online and ordered my Drive knuckleless gloves.  Sad, but true story.

Recently GQ sat down with Gosling to talk about his childhood and his upcoming movie, Blade Runner 2049, where he described Harrison Ford punching him in the face.

“We were just doing a fight scene and, you know, it just happened. But what was funny was, when it was over, they brought ice for my face, and Harrison pushed me out of the way and stuck his fist in the ice. I asked him the other day where he got his sense of humor from—was it from his mother or his father? He said, ‘Sears.’ And he didn’t have much time to shop around so he just had to grab one and get out.”

Not only was Gosling smacked around, but he got to see how Harrison treated “normal folk.”

“He came by afterward with this bottle of scotch, and I thought, ‘Oh, I knew this was coming.’ And he pulled out a glass from his pocket, poured me a glass, and walked away with the rest of the bottle. So I guess he felt like he didn’t connect enough to earn a whole bottle. You know, they say don’t meet your heroes, but I would say the addendum to that is ‘…unless they’re Harrison Ford.’ ‘Cause he’s a cool motherf**ker.”

Ahh, to walk through life as Han Solo.  

Ryan also had problems as a child, after getting caught up in Rambo, bringing weapons to school.  You may think “WHAT WHAT????” but remember that times are different from now and the ’80s.

“I wasn’t able to separate those realities. I don’t blame it on the film. Part of being a kid in the ’80s was that these movies, we didn’t have the experience necessarily of going to the theater, of this thing outside your life. You would watch it while you were falling asleep on the couch, or you could re-watch it, and they were tangible things, these VHS tapes, and they were like friends of mine. And so I connected with them in a very, you know, personal way.”

Fortunate for us, we get to see Ryan on the screen in La La Land and then the much anticipated Blade Runner 2049 next year.

What are your thoughts?  Could you take an elderly Harrison Ford in a fight?  Is my Ryan Gosling mancrush weird?  Just how drunk did Harrison and Ryan get after the encounter?

Blade Runner 2049 hits theaters on October 5, 2017.

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