– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Here we go again. Hope you have your neck braces on here.

The Batman is one project that hasn’t caught a break ever since it was announced last year. First Warner Bros were all coy about who they’d planned to have take the helm — even when we all knew it was Ben Affleck. Then at the tail end of last year, Affleck started to show signs of cold feet. Whenever asked about the project, he would either say something vague like “it’s coming,” or he would distance himself saying, “there’s no movie yet, it’s not a done deal,” even when it was kind of already announced as a done deal.

You all know what happened next. Affleck left the project as director (though he stayed on as Batman himself), and since then, we’ve been reporting on steady and promising talks between Warner Bros and War for the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves. Heck, even as recently as earlier today, there was a rumor circulating that it was all but a done deal. All they needed to do was dot some i’s and cross some t’s, and we’d be home free. There was even talk that Reeves would be around for more than one film, seemingly proving that there was some life in the DCEU left after all.

Well, hold the phones, because a new report from THR is now saying that these wonderful talks between the studio and Reeves have “broken down.” Obviously, that’s a rather vague term to use, but the connotation ain’t so good. The report continued that this doesn’t necessarily mean Matt Reeves is out as director yet, and that talks may “resume when heads cool.”

Right off the bat (no pun intended), our initial impression isn’t so good. Had it just been a disagreement in terms of little contract issues, it may have been understandable, but the fact that the parties involved may have gotten so heated that they needed to let their heads cool is not very good sign. If Warner Bros wants to lock down this talent, they’d better do it now. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was an unmitigated success, and given their track record with directors, this could be just what they need to turn things around.

Our biggest fear is that this is exactly why negotiations broke down. Warner Bros has been infamous for letting their studio execs meddle too much into the the DC films. The result was a Batman film that was too damn short, and a Suicide Squad film that was an absolute mess. We could see Reeves coming in as the golden boy, with ideas to match his strong cache of films. But at the end of the day, Warner is very shy when it comes to these movies. Maybe he was asking for power they weren’t willing to give.

We’ll keep you updated as the story develops.

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