– by Joseph Jammer Medina

In recent years, Jessica Chastain has risen up the ranks in Hollywood. From an unknown, to two Academy Award nominations, to co-starring in Christopher Nolan’s hotly anticipated Interstellar, the actress has been moving on up, up, up! In a chat with MTV, the actress revealed how high she’d like to go: The sky! 

According to the actress, she’s ready for some spandex, a cape, and someone to tussle with. She’s totally down for a superhero movie. She was even almost in Iron Man 3, but those talks with Marvel fizzled out. “We’ve talked about aligning our forces in the future,” she told the network formerly known for music. “And here’s the thing with me… If you’re going to be in a superhero movie, you only get one chance. You’re that character forever. So why do a superhero movie and play the boring civilian?” Indeed she has a point, especially now that it looks like both Marvel and DC are ready to make female-centric superhero films a reality. 

DC has Wonder Woman coming up. Marvel’s got Captain Marvel on deck. Scarlett Johannson’s well-received work as Black Widow, as well as the success of her sci-fi action flick Lucy, have shown that audiences are ready for this. Question is, who could she play? Wonder Woman’s been cast for a while. Of the currently announced films from both studios, that would leave Captain Marvelas a viable option for her. But would Marvel be interested? The film is a little less than 4 years away from coming to theaters and Chastain is all ready 37. 

“Whatever it is, I want a fight scene,” Chastain added on the topic. “I could be an incredible villain. I could be a hero. I want a cool outfit, and I want to kick ass.”

Here’s the full clip from the MTV interview:

Who would you cast her as, if you had your pick of heroines? 


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