– by Tim Jousma

A&A: The Adventures of Archer & Armstrong


Rafer Roberts


David Lafuente


David Lafuente, Kano, MonicaGallagher


Valiant Entertainment




Apr 13th, 2016


Reunited…and it doesn’t feel so good!

After following Armstrong into the depths of his infinite satchel in a search for booze, Archer and his partner, history’s most inebriated immortal, have found themselves prisoners of …uh…what’s this villain’s name again? Armstrong may not be able to remember what their captor, Bacchus, is all about, but he sure is upset by the memories tied to a rare bottle of wine. What secret is about to come roaring out of the past to haunt him? And is Archer doomed to the repeat Armstrong’s tragic mistakes?


Archer & Armstrong picks up right where the extremely excellent first issue left off as our heroes are both within the clutches of the party god Bacchus! Rafer Roberts gives some backstory on our foe along with a little bit more details in the past life of Armstrong and how some people just never learn from their mistakes. Thankfully the unlucky duo has Mary Maria coming to the rescue and she does not mess around! Fights ensue, bro moments happen and all of it is incredibly well designed by David Lafuente. Regardless of the space of the panel, the man finds a way to make everything work and keep the story pacing just right. With the Bacchus storyline looking likely to wrap up soon, I was glad we got a glimpse of the next big threat and I can’t wait to see how Archer and Armstrong will handle it!

A&A: The Adventures of Archer & Armstrong cover

  • The Hey!: Another well-paced story that juggles humor and drama extremely well. I seriously can’t say enough about how great Rafer Roberts is doing with these characters.
  • The Eh: The muffle talk was fun, but it does run a little too long for my liking.
  • The What?: Hands down Lafuente’s art. Each panel is just so beautiful and well thought out that I’d love to see this series turned into animated show one day!
  • Who should read this series?: Anyone who enjoys good “unlikely” buddy comedies. A sort of odd couple bromance series. If that’s your cup of tea, then drink this up!
  • Why should you buy this book?: Because you just won’t be disappointed at all. It has drinking, hot ninja nuns, party gods, and decapitated goblins! Just get the book.

Score: B+

A&A: The Adventures of Archer & Armstrong #2