Comic Book Review: HYPERION #1

Hyperion Cover


Chuck Wendig


Nik Virella


Romulo Fajardo


VC – Joe Caramagna


Emanuela Lupacchino, Jason Keith, Shawna Mills, John Tyler Christopher , Keron Grant


Marvel Comics




Mar 23rd, 2016



HYPERION IS BACK! Or is he? The high-powered hero is hiding in plain sight, driving a truck across the U.S. to learn about the country he has adopted. Along the way, he picks up a lone runaway named Doll, who has more baggage than he anticipated. Doll is in danger, chased by a pack of freaks and lunatics known as THE CARNIES. Will Hyperion reveal himself to save her? Maybe! Will he use a tractor trailer as a baseball bat? Probably!


So I must admit I don’t know much about Hyperion except he’s the powerhouse of Marvel’s Squadron Supreme. The Squadron Supreme is basically Marvel’s way of making the Justice League. So, all that being said, Hyperion essentially equals Superman. His morals are similar, his powers are similar, the only difference is that Hyperion is blonde. Think what if Captain America and Kal-El merged (yes I know this happened in Amalgam universe, so let’s say there have been lots of “versions” of Superman). Chuck Wendig does a really good job setting up the story here and giving us the main plot of Hyperion being the guardian for this scared run away girl. Hyperion is reluctant, as he’s attempting to keep a low profile as he establishes what his place in this world is going to be. He doesn’t get far in his soul searching as Hyperion under the guise of “Marc the truck driver” comes across, Doll, a young girl on the run who somehow knows Hyperion’s secret and needs his help. From there the adventure begins as it isn’t long before the crew Doll is running from, the Carnies, is hot on their heels. That all being said, I’m not entirely sold on this series yet. It sort of feels like a potential Superman story just happens to be in the Marvel Universe. I’m hoping we will see something different from Hyperion, and there will be more to him than generic Superman copycat.

Hyperion page

The Hey!: The pacing of the story works well, and artist Nik Virella’s artwork really stands out as something to be seen. His backgrounds and details in the small town setting really sets the ambiance of the story.

The Eh!: I don’t dislike the character, I just feel like we don’t really know much about him in this issue. For an introductory issue all I know is this guy is very much like Superman and a little girl needs his help but that’s about all we got. A bit weak for an introduction issue.

The What?!: There is a shot with the Carnies in hot pursuit of our heroes and I swear it looked like it came out of Mad Max: Fury Road. It’s a pretty awesome sequence.

Who Should Read This Series?: Definitely if you’ve followed and enjoyed any of the previous Squadron Supreme stories, but also if you are new and want to sort of get a feel for this character then I’d Suggest giving this series a shot. You might want to wait until a few issues are out though.

Why should you buy this book?: It definitely can serve as a jumping off point for this character. There is a quick page or two in the beginning that tries to bring readers up to speed on who Hyperion is, but it’s mostly just background info and we don’t get a lot of heart from it. Definitely check out Nik Virella’s art and Romulo Fajardo’s colors!

Score: B 

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Hyperion Cover

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