Comic Book Review: Hyperion #2

Hyperion #2


Chuck Wendig


Nik Virella


Romulo Fajardo


VC – Joe Caramagna


Emanuela Lupacchino, Jason Keith, Mike Deodato


Marvel Comics




Apr 20th, 2016


IT’S HYPERION VERSUS THE CARNIVAL! Hyperion has shown his true atomic hero self to the hitchhiker, Doll, and now he and her are right in the crosshairs of a crew of hell-powered freaks and deviants. Throw in a murder mystery, a crime syndicate and a stray dog and it all adds up to an unholy heap of trucker trouble.


Hyperion #2 keeps the ball rolling as we continue to see a bonding relationship form between Hyperion and Doll. The cat is the out of the bag so to speak due to the events against the carnival crew, so Hyperion can’t hide behind the truck driver façade anymore. Just what is Doll’s real motivation for needing Hyperion (aside from just any hero she seems really focused on the Squadron Supreme) remains a mystery, an annoying one that doesn’t seem really needed except for the fact that revealing it now would potentially derail the next few issues of readers asking “wait, what is it?!”. That seems to be my biggest gripe with Chuck Wendig’s writing here. Two issues in and it seems there is this constant “just wait until you see it!” set up, and the payoffs haven’t been that great. I’m not sure how I feel about his “voice” for Hyperion in this series. When reading squadron supreme, Hyperion had a semi detached feel to himself, but over all he came across more human and lively. Here, he really feels like an alien living amongst humans. He’s detached, guarded, and speaks awkwardly. I get that Wendig wants the whole “she’s a young spunky smart ass and he’s a stern tough silent type” set up here, but there are better ways to do it (see recent Old Man Logan team up with Kate Bishop). Helping keep this series feeling great is the continued work of Nik Virella and Romulo Fajardo. Between Nik’s pencils and Fajardo’s colors, the series really does look great. The pages are clean, well spaced and a less cluttered than issue one. I’m still hoping Nik will get to really unleash the full power of Hyperion soon, and we can see the character that killed Namor, kick some butt!

Hyperion #2 page

  • The Hey!: The introduction of a murder mystery and potential crime syndicate is pretty interesting, I’d like to see Hyperion be more than just a guy who beats people up, so him using his abilities to investigate is cool.

  • The Eh: There still hasn’t been a big moment where as a reader I’m “wowed”. The worm attack in the beginning was pretty cool, but over all the series is moving at a very slow pace.

  • The What?!: It’s a small moment in the book, but I love when artist get to have fun creatively, and the scrap book that Doll has put together was pretty damn cool.

  • Who should read this series?: Squadron Supreme fans, Hyperion fans, otherwise so far nothing has been that stand out I’d say it’s a must read series.

  • Why should you buy this book?: It continues the story line and sets up some new interesting problems for Hyperion and Doll to face later on.

Score: B


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