– by Tim Jousma

Power Man & Iron Fist #3


David Walker


Sandford Greene


Lee Loughride


VC – Clayton Cowles


Sanford Greene, Keron Grant


Marvel Comics




Apr 20th, 2016


BROMANCING THE STONE! POWER MAN and IRON FIST are swimming through New York City’s currents of crime trying to retrieve the SUPERSOUL STONE. Beware the underworld undertow! Meanwhile, JENNIE and BLACK MARIAH’s nefarious plans begin to bear fruit. With a magic-fueled crisis at its tipping point and all of New York hanging in the balance it’s the perfect atmosphere to rekindle a smoldering friendship, so GET IT TOGETHER ALREADY, LUKE AND DANNY!


While the first two issues were awesome all around, issue #3 tends to drag a little. We get a comedic moment with Dr. Strange and the boys, but really it feels kind of forced and unnecessary (so much so the book even states how unnecessary it was). The real highlights are the dialogue between Danny and Luke, and the very early moments with them at Luke’s apartment. While the characters still don’t (and probably never will) fit any real iteration that’s come before, David Walker has made them and all other appearances fit perfect in his little world, and I’m totally down for anything reading these two investigate and track down Black Mariah and ex-receptionist Jennie. Sanford Greene’s work continues to grow as it becomes evident he’s more comfortable with the characters and comic book layouts now. Action flows smoothly and reactions are fantastic. Lee Loughride’s colors add that extra bit of flare that cements this series as a must read for everyone.

Power Man & Iron Fist # 3 page

  • The Hey!: while a bit slower moving, Power Man and Iron Fist remains a strong character driven story.

  • The Eh: The scene with Dr. Strange felt forced, and there are moments Danny still comes off a bit too goofy.

  • The What?!: Great open scene at Luke’s apartment.  I hope we get more interaction with Jessica Jones.

Score: B+

Power Man & Iron Fist # 3 cover