– by Tim Jousma



Peter Milligan


Leandro Fernandez


Cris Peter


Simon Bowland


Leandro Fernandez, Cris Peter


Image Comics


$2.99 (USD)


Mar 2nd, 2016


When a bored, unhappily married Melissa meets mysterious Orlando, more than just her sexual desires begin to awaken…


We are living in a “post” 50 shades of Gray world, where everyone wants to write the next big sexual awakening story with a strong central female figure. “The Discipline” doesn’t really stray too far from this concept here in its first outing. Peter Milligan crafts a story depicting the boring life of protagonist Melissa, who comes from humble beginigs but is married to a recently very wealthy man. Her husband ignores her, and she spends most of her days fantasizing of a more adventurous life. In comes Orlando, a mysterious figure who’s been “watching” (or stalking if you prefer) Melissa, wanting to awaken in her something referred to as The Discipline. While the series depicts of a ton of sexual and erotic imagery and moments, Orlando stresses “This has nothing to do with sex. Or rather, the sex, the seduction… They’re just the means to an end.” But Milligan never really gives us any insight to what that end is or anything else for that matter. Leonardo Fernandez’s artwork here shines as Melissa conveys a vast multitude of emotions. Chris Peter’s color work compliments Fernandez’s art perfectly, and in itself gives this book a reason to be picked up. With Milligan’s track record of strong storytelling, I’m hoping this very by the numbers story switches gears and really goes off the rails, otherwise it will be leaving me as stifled as Melissa’s sex life.

The Hey!: Very mature subject matter, and Milligan and Fernandex don’t shy away from the sex, which is odd because the story keeps trying to point out that sex isn’t that important.

The Eh!: While it isn’t a bad scripted story, it’s also not terribly interesting. There’s potential for something more and hopefully the next issue will do something to not make this just another “sexual awakening” story.

The What?: Ever see a comic with a woman getting ummm..”invaded” by a man bull? Well here ya go.

Who should read this series?: If you wanted to see what would happen if Cinemax and syfy got together to create a mature adult series, well this is for you!

Why should you buy this book?: The art is excellent, and works really well with the story here. Not to mention while over all it is very generic, there is still something unique here not quite shown in a lot of main stream (Marvel/DC) books.

Score: B-

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