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Comic Book Review: The Ultimates #7

The Ultimates #7


On the road to CIVIL WAR II! The Ultimates deal with the fallout from their journey Outside – and the return of the Anti-Man! Meanwhile, Project: Pegasus holds the key to humanity’s survival… or destruction…and THANOS is coming for it!


A sort of “mission” statement from Al Ewing and Ken Rocafort from back in the first issue of The Ultimates was how they wanted to harken back to the Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch series. They wanted to create big cinematic set pieces and deal with large scale issues. That’s a very good idea, but the execution of that idea? Not so much. 

I enjoy my space cosmic drama. I like Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova.  I really enjoy Venom Spaceknight and Captain Marvel, but I just can’t get into this series. I’m not a fan of how Black Panther is written- he feels ‘off’ from other iterations of the character, and the same with Carol Danvers. I love Rocaforts artwork but feel it’s wasted here with a lot of nothing going on and tons of dialogue and exposition constantly happening (which covers up the beautiful work by Rocafort) to explain story lines that really don’t need to happen. Was anyone clamoring for Galactus to become a world life bringer instead of a world eater? Was this really the best way Marvel Editorial could think of bringing back Thanos? The interaction between characters just seems dull, and everyone spends so much time talking about what they think and little concern for what anyone else thinks that it just leads to pointless debates and confrontation that feels forced. I’d rather the team be a team, and handle large scale battles- something Millar and Hitch did perfectly.  Ewing and Rocafort just seem to think “bigger” literally means bigger. The series will remain relevant for now as it sets up the continued return of Thanos and I’m sure will have some factor in the upcoming cash grab that is Civil War II.

  • The Hey!: More fantastic art from Rocafort, and well the return of Thanos!

  • The Eh: Just a dull story.  There’s an artificial cosmic cube being made from remnants of ISO-8. It’s a bad idea. But it will keep being worked on anyway despite what happened in Avengers Pleasant Hill and, you  know, a ton of history pointing to this being a bad idea.

  • The What?!!: Some really nice big pages from Rocafort, and when the word balloons aren’t swallowing up everything, there really is a lot of beautiful art here.

  • Who should read this series?: Marvel space drama fans. True Blue Marvel Fans. Thanos Fans. Fans.

  • Why should you buy this book?:  Last issue saw exactly how Thanos got back into reality, and this issue follows up on what interests him most.

Score: C

The Ultimates #7 Page


Al Ewing


Kenneth Rocafort


Dan Brown


VC – Joe Sabino


Kenneth Rocafort


Marvel Comics




May 11th, 2016

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