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Comic Book Review: TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #4

Totally Awesome Hulk #4


Greg Pak


Frank Cho


Sonia Oback


VC – Cory Petit


Frank Cho, Sonia Oback, Meghan Hetrick


Marvel Comics




Mar 23rd, 2016



In the final showdown with Lady Hellbender, will the Hulk find an enemy, a frenemy, or something… more? Watch as the greatest monster hunt in the Marvel Universe reaches its shocking conclusion as Amadeus learns what it truly means to be the Totally Awesome Hulk!


Not to sound too cliché, but Totally Awesome Hulk is TOTALLY AWESOME! It’s been a long time since The Hulk has been a fun character. He’s great for big action sequences, but almost since Planet Hulk it has been one tragic story after the next. With Amadeus Cho now being the big green goliath, a new fresh sense of energy has been brought to the book and writer Greg Pak does an excellent job balancing the humor, the drama and the SMASH! Frank Cho continues to deliver some of the best art you will find in a comic book right now. Every facial expression, posturing, and panel layout is masterfully executed. In this issue we continue Hulk’s fight against monsters and dealing with alien monster hunter Lady Hellbender. Even with his hormones raging, Amadeus is able to get his inner Hulk under control, stop Fing Fang Foom and Lady Hellbender, all the while bonding with She-Hulk and Spider-Man (Miles Morales). A lot gets packed into this issue, but it all gets wrapped up pretty nicely, minus the obscure reason for how Bruce Banner Hulk’s gammaenergy is somehow transferred to Amadeus Cho (thus turning him into the Hulk of this series). I’m guessing that will be the continued story arc now that this monster hunting plot has wrapped up. Regardless what the next story will involve, one thing is for certain, it will be TOTALLY AWESOME!


The Hey!: Frank Cho’s artwork is a continued stand out achievement here. Sonia Oback’s colors bring Cho’s lines to life in a very refreshing vibrant manner.

The Eh!: I’m still not 100% sold on this transfer of Hulks. It seems pretty wonky from a storytelling standpoint but I’m sure it will get explored further.

The What?!: In an issue full of big “I’M THE HULK!” moments, there is a touching sequence  when we see the initial transfer of Hulk from Banner to Cho; the look in Bruce’s eyes as he sees and knows the heartache that lies in store for his friend.

Who should read this series?: Are you new to the Hulk mythos? Then try to grab issue 1 (there’s only been 4!!) and jump on the Hulk train! For old time fans, it’s great to see the progression of Amadeus Cho from 7th (or 8th) smartest person in the world to the Hulk!

Why should you buy this book?: While it isn’t a great place to start (which would obviously be issue 1), readers will still be given a decent idea of what’s taken place before, and you get the bigger picture of how Cho became the hulk.


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Totally Awesome Hulk Cover

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