– by Tim Jousma

Vampblade #3


Jason Martin


Winston Young


Winston Young, Jason Martin, Randy Kintz, Edward Pun , Andrew Mangum


Action Lab Comics




Mar 30th, 2016


As the chaotic new world around comic shop employee turned other-dimensional vampire slayer, Vampblade, starts to come into focus, things continue to be both crazy-weird and stupid-lethal for our blade-brandishing bad girl! And when you’re a 90s comic book character come to life, meeting your “creator” can be a bit meta too…


Issue #3 is my first foray into the series Vampblade, and luckily it does a pretty good job giving us the concept of the character pretty early. Our hero Katie is able to see these psychic worm like vampires that are gestating within human hosts, she’s also in possession of the Vampblades! Which allow her to strike at and kill these ethereal parasites. The crazy part? All of this is exactly like the comic books she used to read as a kid; from a very extreme era of comics (looking at you IMAGE!) also no one else can see these things. That’s pretty much what the big plot points of the issue are, getting readers comfortable with that whole idea, it’s reminiscent of the recent Grifter run over at DC comics with him being the only one seeing Deamonites and I’m sure the story has been done elsewhere too. With that being said, Jason Martin does a pretty good job crafting a fun story here and giving us some interesting characters. Katie feels believable in her incredible situation while her interaction with family members and friends definitely doesn’t feel too forced. I’m hoping maybe we will get some IMAGE inspired homages or parodies along the way as the series continues since it seems primed to be taking influence from that era. Winston Young delivers some excellent art, and helps make this a series to definitely keep an eye on for some fun mindless action!

Vampblade Page

  • The Hey!: Quick paced storytelling that gets a lot of backstory done in a fun way via the main character reading an old comic she collected which is full of very 90s style art. Pretty clever.
  • The Eh: The story can easily become ordinary if writer Jason Martin doesn’t find a nice balance between a story of “seeing things that no one else sees” and nostalgia for 90s era comics.
  • The What?!: The main character has no problem stripping down and Winston Young has found some clever ways to ummm..cover up certain parts.
  • Who should read this series?: If you’re a fan of 90s era comics, you can sit back and enjoy what Jason Martin is doing here, also there is definitely an anime vibe going on here with the extreme action shots and color choices.
  • Why should you buy this book?: If you missed Vampblade #1 or #2 like I did, it doesn’t really matter. Everything you need is here. So hop in and enjoy the fun art and story.

Score: B

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