– by Tim Jousma

Vampirella # 2 header


Kate Leth


Eman Casallos


Chrissie Zullo, Sergio Davilla


Dynamite Entertainment




Apr 6th, 2016


Vampirella makes her stage debut as an icon, but the spotlight can be deadly. Everyone in Hollywood seems to have their secrets, from the mysterious Slade to Vampi’s new agent, Juliette Court. As her star rises, so do… (wait for it) …the STAKES.


This series is fun, although bit odd. Vampi seems to just kind of go along with whatever Juliette Court sort of throws out at her, like the convention scenes. I can’t really understand why wealthy monster hunting Vampirella would care about public persona or even so much as to continue to do conventions past the initial comic-con. It seems she has bigger issues to deal with concerning Slade. Regardless there are a few fun moments from the convention and the image of a guest star beating the hell out of an obnoxious cosplay fan is kind of cool. Overall the issue serves mostly as a set up for bigger storyline involving who Slade is, and I guess “what” Juliette might be, based on that last page!

Vampirella #2 Page

  • The Hey!: Vampirella continues to be a fun series from Kate Leah as she finds a good way to mix the old costume and new, while giving Vampi some personality. The supporting cast helps here, as does Eman Cassallos’ great artwork.
  • The Eh: Character motivations seem a bit too vague here. I’d like to know more about what motivates and drives Vampi to do what she does.
  • The What?!: Vampirella going full bat mode and flying out of a convention after almost beating an obnoxious fan.
  • Who should read this series?: If you’re a fan of the character, this is a cool new take for you. For those who are still new this series, this might be what hooks you, thanks to the fun writing of Leah.
  • Why should you buy this book?: It picks up from issue 1 and serves as a good foundation to set up some of the bigger story arc(s) coming.

Score: B

Vampirella #2 cover