– by Joseph Jammer Medina

While WORLD WAR Z may not have been the classic zombie flick fans of the book were hoping for, the film still managed to be a thrilling tale that moved at breakneck speed. Despite all the reshoots and the tampering from the studio, WORLD WAR Z turned out to be one heck of a Frankenstein’s monster. What’s more, the movie also made back over half a billion dollars in box office gross, which isn’t bad when you look at its troubled production.

But its production woes were easily forgotten, and after the box office success, a sequel was inevitable. And yet, here we are in 2016, with no sequel yet in hand. THE IMPOSSIBLE’s J.A. Bayona was originally set to helm the sequel, but has since moved on to JURASSIC WORLD 2 — probably a good move on his part, career-wise. This left WORLD WAR Z 2 without a father. But, of course a Brad Pitt film couldn’t stay in development hell for long.

According to a few sources from Variety, Pitt is looking to collaborate once more with the man who directed him in the films SE7EN, FIGHT CLUB, and THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON. That’s right, folks — Brad Pitt, who met with various other directors, is zeroing in on Fincher for WORLD WAR Z 2. This is incredibly exciting given Fincher’s aversion to sequels following his experience on ALIEN 3, but given his relationship with Pitt, it’s not exactly out of the blue.

Without a doubt, Fincher has gone on to make quite the reputation for himself since ALIEN 3, and as of late has even turned to TV with such series as HOUSE OF CARDS and the upcoming MIND HUNTERS. Given this recent experience of working more in a studio system of sorts, perhaps his mind has been opened to the idea of helming a sequel in a franchise.

Either way, if Pitt is to lock down Fincher, this would do a heck of a lot to give an extra air of credibility to a sequel no one is really asking for.

What do you think of Fincher directing a WORLD WAR Z sequel? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Variety

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