DCEU: The Metahuman Thesis And Wonder Woman’s Role [SPOILERS]

Disclaimer: Wonder Woman Spoilers incoming. Take heed. Also, before I go on, I think I should say upfront that this theory is not supported in the comics, but is something I think the DCEU could run with on its own.

Like most insignificant movie reviewers, I was able to finally see Wonder Woman, and not only was I impressed, but it forced me to go back and watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In doing this, I was able to piece together a few key moments and give my prediction about the future of the DCEU.

First, let me start by saying that I loved Wonder Woman. However, I did figure out fairly quickly that Ludendorff (Danny Huston) was not Ares, and that Sir Patrick (David Thewlis) was actually the God of War. Unfortunately, Wonder Woman came out at the same time that the current season of Fargo was airing, where Thewlis plays the main villain V.M. Vargas. The first time he was on screen, I turned to a buddy and said, “That is Ares, watch.” That combined with the political games he was playing gave it away very early for me. Also, for months I have said Wonder Woman would be a Captain America: The First Avenger clone, and while I was not entirely wrong, I was wrong in the fact of who the first hero would be. It was not Wonder Woman, but instead it was Steve Trevor.

I also think he is the father of all Metahumans.

Wonder Woman is a Demigod, someone who is half god and half mortal, and appears to not age outside of the mysterious island of Themyscira. According to Ares, she is also the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta. The movie does imply that Steve and Diana had sex, and the sexual tension was high throughout the film. The Great War (World War I) occurred from 1914-1918, so if by chance Diana (Wonder Woman) got pregnant, we could feasibly have about five to six generations of descendants of their child, their child’s children, their children, and so on. In that time period, it was not uncommon to have seven to ten children. Diana and Steve could have literally created thousands of descendants. Not all may be gifted, and my theory would go against the current DC Comic’s story line, but we have already seen the films stray from the comics. One (hyphenated) word: Bat-brand.

In the DCEU Justice League movie we should be introduced to The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. It is clear that Cyborg was created from New God’s Motherbox technology, which falls in line with the comic’s most current version of Victor (Cyborg). What if both The Flash and Aquaman are descendants of Wonder Woman? Think about it. The first Flash, and the New 52 Jay Garrick version of The Flash were gifted their speed from Hermes, the messenger of the gods, and technically the god of speed. The Flash is seen using the same color lightning as Ares and Zeus used, not the typical red or yellow lightning in the comics.

For Aquaman, perhaps there is no Atlantis in the DCEU version, but instead Arthur (Aquaman) has the power of Superman while in the water. Aquaman has in several versions been a descendant of Poseidon, and there has always been a lineage in the comics. We have already seen him hit Mach 1 speed underwater, breaking the sound barrier much like Superman does (and if you think about it, that would be much harder underwater — only a god could do that, or a demigod).

Am I on to something here? What do you guys think? Is it possible that Flash and Aquaman are related in the DCEU, and that Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are responsible for creating all Metahumans? Let us hear from you!

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