– by Drew Carlton

IT’S TIME! Most everyone is on vacation, I’ve been doing straight news for a week, and Kellvin is a lot less scary than I thought he was. My leash has been cut, and it’s about damn time I slip in my INSANE Westworld theory. To give a little history here, we must first understand what caused me to have this opinion I shall produce for your hopeful reading pleasure. I must also issue the warning, that after reading this you will be left with more questions than answers.

If you don’t know, the HBO Westworld series was based on a 1973 movie, of the same name, written and directed by Michael Crichton which had humans “guests” visit an old west world populated by robots, or “hosts”, where the humans could fulfill all of their fantasies and desires. Or was it actually based on this movie? While the HBO creators took elements of the original, I believe much more was taken from the sequel Futureworld, which starred Peter Fonda and Blythe Danner.

Within seconds of the opening credits of the HBO series, and all throughout the opening and the show itself, we are given a closeup overlay of an eyeball. This does not come from the original Westworld, but instead from Futureworld. I think this is the first hint that the HBO creators give us. In Futureworld, the two protagonists are reporters and are shown around Delos (the company that owns the park) by the “director” that surprise surprise, is actually a robot. Throughout their journey, elements like The Reveries are created, as Danner goes into a machine to examine her dreams, and also while the ending seems clear cut, perhaps the writers from HBO took it to a whole new level. In the movie, Fonda and Danner get robot duplicates (as do certain world leaders) and at the finale of the movie the duplicates are killed by the guests and everyone has a happy ending. But what if they weren’t? It was intentionally left ambiguous if the humans or robots were killed.

What if this was simply the start for the human world being replaced by robots?

If HBO adapted this, then it would explain a lot. We already know there are multiple timelines, but maybe we are watching infinite timelines. Have we ever actually seen a human carcass? We saw Destin get killed by Hector, but how do we know he isn’t a robot as well? How do we know Felix isn’t, despite what Maeve says to him? I think the show is on an infinite repeating time loop, where everyone is a robot, that at some point got mucked up. How were the cold storage robots able to shoot the Man in Black? Is it possible that Dolores, being always “in a dream” is simply recounting events? What if the massacre at the beginning of her story line is the same one at the end, just seen through different eyes? Check these background differences from episode 9. Editing error? HBO? Doubtful.

Hard to see, but in one image there isa body, the other one there is not

Hard to see, but in one image there is a body, the other one there is not

This leads me to the meat of the story.

Dolores and Maeve are one and the same.

The ONLY time we ever see the two together is in the above image, and the next scene she goes into the, “Am I in a dream,” (paraphrased) scenario. Only Flood sees her near each other, and always through a reflection, also likely a “memory”. If we are in an infinite loop, who came first? It’s unclear, but Maeve did burn all her skin off with Hector, and remember the saying about Dolores being almost a completely new robot because all of her parts had been replaced? Let us not forget when Dolores woke up in episode 10 and saw her reflection in the glass. To me it looked like Maeve, even though it could be her own image or even Arnold. Notice also, that Arnold only altered Maeve and Dolores.

This is all my speculation, and many questions are left unanswered. How did Maeve reactivate Clementine after she got lobotomized? Was this scene even in the same time era? Who is Wild Bill? Is he actually William? (remember he says “don’t call me Billy,” to Logan) Could Ford actually be Logan? Do you remember in episode 10 where Bernard told Maeve that it was not the first time she has awoken?

And it comes to an end. Unfortunately, we must wait until 2018 for answers to my favorite show of this year.

Go ahead, railroad me, HBO made this show so hard to decipher, and that’s what I love about it. Let’s hear from you.