– by Joseph Jammer Medina

All eyes have been on the new Spider-Man lately. With the announcement of who’ll be playing the new Peter Parker, and who will be leading things behind the camera, there’s a palpable buzz in the air. Spider-Man will finally get to interact with his Avengers buddies thanks a new deal brokered between Marvel Studios and Sony. 

When it came to finding the right men to lead things on both sides of the camera, Marvel honcho Kevin Feige said he looked for two things: Could the star go toe-to-toe with one of their established stars like Robert Downey Jr, and did the director feel like someone they could work with for years as they developed the film together?

Director Jon Watts got the director job, and in a chat with Collider, Feige reveals who was involved with the process and how they felt about the filmmaker:

It was myself and Amy Pascal and Tom Rothman, and also Jeremy Latcham and Louis D’Esposito at Marvel where involved in that. We met with a lot of people and came down to a couple of very, very, very good finals candidates. Jon just—we really liked his movie Cop Car, we met with him four, five, or six times, and each time he had more and more interesting things to say. And at Marvel, it always comes down to ultimately, “We can make a movie with this person for two years, we could spend almost every day with this person for two years. Let’s go.

Actor Tom Holland had the intimidating task of doing a screen test with Robert Downey Jr, and Feige was happy with the results. Feige spoke a little bit about that process. He says they spoke dialogue that was primarily written just for the test, to see what the chemistry was like. When asked if part of the selection process whether or not this meeting of Holland’s Parker and Downey Jr’s Tony Stark was something fans were dying to see, Feige said, “That was part of it. When we’ll see that, I don’t know, but that was part of it.

SOURCE: Collider

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