– by Drew Carlton

In this trailer we get a nice little extended peak at next week’s Flash episode called “Dead or Alive” and while details are scarce we do know that the character that made her way to Earth-1 at the end of the most current episode is Earth-19’s (Gotham by Gaslight) Gypsy.

Gypsy has been around in the comics since 1984 and has a convoluted backstory, but she is an interesting character that in the comics has precognition and telepathic powers based on invisibility and illusion. The precognition goes hand-in-hand with one Cisco Ramon and co-showrunner Aaron Helbing has hinted that she could be his future love interest. We notice that in the trailer that she attempts a throwdown with Cisco, aka Vibe, but one thing you may have missed is just where the throw down takes place. If you will take a look at the 00:30 (in the picture above) second mark you will notice that they are fighting in none other than Cat Grant’s old office. Interesting, but what does this mean? Have we traveled to Supergirl’s earth in some Vibe/Gypsy cross dimensional trance? Perhaps, but one thing I noticed is that Cisco is wearing a costume that I am not familiar with. I will accept that I could have forgotten Vibe wearing this in a previous engagement, but instead could this actually be the Earth-19 Cisco in a prior fight? We know Reverb is dead, so the possibilities are limited.

It also seems that Dr. Alchemy (Julian) has joined the team for good, however his name is not listed for the official cast (this has not always been of relevance to the final cast for an episode) so this scene could simply be a voice over, and if you notice the way the trailer is cut it is hard to place the dialogue with the lip movement. Even though you do see Barry clearly say, “Welcome to the team,” something is off to me here, and it stinks of cut-scenes. We will have to wait and see.


In addition, it seems that Iris has become suicidal as she wants her life to matter, or perhaps now that she knows the exact day she is going to die — she feels invincible. Also if you notice in this scene the guy is holding Plunder’s gun, and that is NOT Plunder What the s&*t?

At the end of the day, I am just glad Flash is back, and in a few more hours I will tune out from my beloved website that I write for to focus on Arrow. Ahhh my friends, it is good to get these four DC CW shows back on a weekly basis. Check out the full trailer below.


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Source: CW