– by Joseph Jammer Medina

After years and years of build-up, we now live in a postBATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE world. The film, which was hyped for three years finally came out in March, and it seems everyone has had something to say about the DC flick. Every week, someone else is asked about the film, which was something of a Holy Grail property for the comic book community.

This week, there are fresh comments on the movie, and they come from two titans from that industry.

There’s Frank Miller, whose classic book “The Dark Knight Returns” offered plenty of inspiration for BATMAN V SUPERMAN, who was recently asked about Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight. The writer was somewhat tight-lipped. He appeared at MegaCon 2016 in Orlando and, when asked if the criticism the film received was unfair, all Miller would say was, “I was rooting for Batman.”

When asked, specifically, about Affleck’s portrayal of the character, Miller responded, “I liked it, he’s a good actor. I mean, he’s obviously very, very close to this material and plays it with great affection.” Miller, who worked closely with Robert Rodriguez on that director’s adaptations of his SIN CITY books, was also asked if he’d be on-hand to help Affleck and Geoff Johns out on their script for THE BATMAN, Miller said, “They got my number.

Then there’s Dave Gibbons, best known for co-creating the classic book WATCHMEN with Alan Moore. Gibbons also wrote a run of “World’s Finest” books that featured Batman and Superman in 1990. He was asked what he thought of Zack Snyder’s work on BATMAN V SUPERMAN. “I feel that what’s happening now with the DC characters in film, to my mind, is going in the wrong direction. I feel that what DC has done, especially with ‘Batman v Superman,’ is they have really taken a misstep with it,” he said at London’s MCM Comic Con.

What exactly was it that rubbed Gibbons the wrong way? 

“What I honed in on, and this isn’t the only take but it might have helped, is you’ve got Batman who’s a dark, hidden creature who’s antagonist is a brightly colored clown. You’ve got Superman who’s a brightly colored figure, with an opponent who is a dark, scheming business man. There has to be a difference. Where the latest film suffered is because they were both these dark, opaque, angsty creatures.”

Both Miller and Gibbons have had their work, directly and indirectly, adapted by Snyder- who directed both BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE and WATCHMEN. It’s been said that Snyder even incorporated thematic elements from WATCHMEN into the DC superhero beatdown.

What do you think about these latest comments from writers whose works were clearly part of the creative process that went into BATMAN V SUPERMAN?

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SOURCE: DC Comics Movie / Flicks And The City

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