– by Drew Carlton

Disclaimer: There will be spoilers for Season 7 Episode 3 of Game of Thrones.

Like most of this season so far, we had no buildup, no ocean voyage for Jon Snow to get to Dragonstone, and Jon Snow meets Dany in the opening scene. Dany almost immediately asks Jon Snow to bow before her, but he eventually refuses, as they have two much different agendas. Snow wants to farm Dragonglass and fight the White Walkers, and Dany and her “army” (more on that later) wish to take King’s Landing.

Luckily, through the clever advice of each of their advisers, Davos and Tyrion, Dany does eventually agree. I did laugh out loud after Missandei announced all of Dany’s many accomplishments, Sir Davos simply says, “This is Jon Snow,” and pauses to think, “The King of the North.” All around, the scene was game of willpower, but it does seem  like an alliance is forming.

However, that is not the real story of this episode. Speaking of alliances, and Dany’s army… well they are all dead, or imprisoned. Cersei, oh clever Cersei, once again outsmarts pretty much everyone, yet again.

First, the punishment of the Ellaria Sand is revealed, as Cersei has her chained up opposite of her daughter, and Cersei gives her the kiss of death using the same poison her daughter was killed with. Cersei promises she will be chained there forever to watch her daughter rot and die, and turn to a putrid corpse. Nice.

We also have Greyworm storming Casterly Rock, at great loss to his people, to actually win the fight — only to realize that something is wrong, and most of the Lannister army is not there. Greyworm looks over the wall to see Euron’s fleet torching all of the Unsullied boats, trapping them in there, as it is come to be revealed with no food supplies.

Where is Jaime in all of this? In a clever twist, his full force, along with House Tarly’s, is storming Highgarden, home of House Tyrell. They easily take it, and instead of an elaborate death for Lady Olenna, Jaime gives her a simple poison to drink, which she quickly swallows with wine. At this point, Olenna reveals it was her that killed Joffrey.

So, Dany’s alliance is destroyed, Cersei seems to have a huge army, and in a few episodes what we thought would be a short takeover of King’s Landing now looks impossible.

A few funny sexual references were made in this show. One, Euron is asking Jaime about how his sister, Cersei, likes it — does she like it rough, or perhaps — well you’ll have to watch the episode to see the rest of the quote. Almost immediately, after that scene, Cersei uses her “skills” to seduce Jaime into bed, who appears to not want to take part in the incest anymore.

It was also cool to finally see Bronn this season riding with Jaime to Highgarden. In addition, Dany has a plan for Euron’s fleet. Her smashing idea is to, by herself, ride her dragons and burn up all the ships, come back to Dragonstone, and perhaps have a cup of tea. As we have seen last episode, Cersei is also prepared for this with her mega-crossbows that launch spears, which I am sure all of Euron’s ship are now armed with.


What did you guys think? Will this be a breeze for Cersei? Do you think she likes what Euron suggested? Is Dany being a fool with her plan? What will Jon Snow do first, help Dany or fight the White Walkers?

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