– by Drew Carlton

It is quite possible that the most exciting thing the DCEU fans have to look forward to is the announced Green Lantern Corps movie. Honestly, it may be the best thing after I am sure we all will take a huge dump on Justice League, The Flash, The Batman, Cyborg (unlikely it will ever happen) and gees what else is there? Oh Ya, Wonder Woman — and this may be the exception, as we learned that Ares will be the villain, and I think that alone may make this film decent’ish. Ok, I get it, I am being a fanboy here, but I still have high hopes for 2020+ as David Goyer is co-writing GLC with Geoff Johns behind the wheel, and already one notable actor is clamoring for the John Stewart role.

The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story’s actor Sterling K. Brown, who played Christopher Darden in the show has eagerly raised his hand, and on a twitter post he lobbies for the role.

Brown was actually on my top 10 list of actors to play Stewart, which I have revised a bit after our readers here wanted an older, more book-accurate, version of Stewart. I still think they should make him younger than Hal Jordan (the most well known Green Lantern) and center the movie around Stewart.

In addition, one less-than-notable director, Duncan Jones, has decided to slam the lore already with a back-handed comment, while still eluding to the fact that if he was wanted he would be ok with the position. Good luck with that, Tom Hardy won’t even give a direct comment about playing James Bond for fear he could lose out on the role. Jones of (looks to imdb) Warcraft (lmao) digs himself a hole with these comments.

Jones has no directorial spot in GLC, and likely never will, especially when he followed up with a comment about Green Lantern himself:

“I think he’s dumb.”


Anyways, and I must be careful saying this as the last time I did an actress we all love had passed within an hour, but today is kind of a slow news day so far. Hopefully, I will have time to work on my extended GLC character-want list. I have given away a few already, and as a teaser, who would best play Kilowog? He would have to have a unique voice that could not be associated to a particular region. Perhaps someone from New Zealand?

Do you think Brown would make a good Stewart? Who is your pick for Jordan? Am I the only person that thinks Jones should retire his twitter?

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Source: Slashfilm