– by Drew Carlton

So I won’t lie here to our faithful readers; I hated Supergirl Lives, the last Kevin Smith directed venture in the television world. One of our writers here who I will not mention, that goes by the nickname of JAMMER, and I got into a conversation about the most recent escapades of Kevin Smith and his directorial prowess in the CW DC TV world, and he reminded me that writing is a huge part of the equation. This is true, and it is why I am worried when Gotham’s Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) took to twitter today to invite Kevin Smith to direct a few Gotham episodes where the show’s writing is dismal at best.

Check out their exchange here:

I have made prior reference that I am totally out on Gotham right now, and while I did actually enjoy the most recent episode — it had nothing to do with writing. The actor that plays Jerome Valeska (Cameron Monaghan) has taken on the task of playing Gotham’s apparent younger version of The Joker, and he plays the role quite well. It is clear that he has seen The Dark Knight around 1000 times as he has mastered Heath Ledger’s mannerisms and voice almost perfectly. In the most current episode the writers of the show even took from the books in the arc where the Joker gets his face cut off and then goes to reclaim it. (I have reduced the synopsis for the comic story arc for simplicity.)

Could Kevin Smith be the solution for a TV show we had high hopes for but instead has been on a rapid decline since season 1? I am not convinced. Still, he seemed open to direct an episode or 25 and he is also trying to push his daughter Harley Quinn Smith into a role on the show, or any comic role for that matter. Previously on this website, almost every commenter agreed that she is a terrible actress and should give it up, however I am willing too give her a few more years to adapt into a decent thespian. Could Kevin Smith’s celebrity status and the fact he wants his daughter to succeed be enough to get him over to the Gotham world? Your guess is as good as mine.

Should Kevin Smith even try to direct Gotham episodes? Was Supergirl Lives terrible? Is Harley Quinn Smith a horrible actress? Let’s hear from ya!

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