– by Joseph Jammer Medina

“We’re not completely closed. We’re close!”

That’s what JUSTICE LEAGUE producer Deborah Snyder said during a recent set visit in London. She was responding to questions about whether or not the production had cast anyone to play the film’s central villain, Steppenwolf, yet. 

The production revealed Steppenwolf would be the main villain for JUSTICE LEAGUE, and a deleted scene from BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE even offered up a glimpse of what the character will look like.

Some were caught off guard by the notion that they hadn’t yet cast someone to play such a pivotal role, considering that interview was conducted on the 31st day of production. You had to imagine she wasn’t exaggerating when she said said how “close” they were to making a deal, because they kind of had to be. 

So who could they get? Warner Bros. has a long, storied history when it comes to bringing top tier talent to its DC productions. Names like Brando, Hackman, Nicholson, Oldman, Freeman, Adams, Irons, Affleck, Langella, and Spacey have made time to appear in the WB’s superhero ventures. At the moment, though, unlike in previous points in their DC-related history, Warner Bros. isn’t in the best position. Their last film was ravaged by critics, underperformed at the box office, and led many fans to call for Zack Snyder to be ousted from future DC projects. That film led to major shakeups within the power structure at WB/DC, and a shift in their approach- amidst rumors of rewrites and ghost directing. This makes the idea of stepping onto a production like this somewhat less appealing if you’re an A-lister looking to bring your clout to a comic book movie. 

Enter Colin Farrell…

Over the weekend, a rumor began making the rounds that Farrell was in talks to join JUSTICE LEAGUE

When Farrell arrived on the scene here in the states at the turn of the century, the Irish actor was surrounded by a lot of “next big thing” buzz. Legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg cast him in MINORITY REPORT, where he held his own against Tom Cruise. That same year he co-starred alongside Bruce Willis in HART’S WAR and, in subsequent years, would get to work with the likes of Al PacinoTerrence Malick, Oliver Stone, and Michael Mann. By 2007, Farrell’s star had lost some of its luster- thanks to a series of box office disappointments, and some issues in his personal life. 

2011 was a good year for Farrell, though, as he popped up in the hits HORRIBLE BOSSES and FRIGHT NIGHT. In both films, he got to poke fun at himself in roles where he got to play a fat, balding drug addict, and a lechorous, neighborhood vampire. Since then, things have remained somewhat hit-or-miss for the actor, yet the fact that he’s managed to keep his personal life under control has meant that his star has been able to survive large scale disappointments like the second season of HBO’s TRUE DETECTIVE. However, he’s nowhere near the kind of star many had him pegged to be when he first crossed the pond. 

Still, he’s is a well known entity, an actor that has shown range, has no problem attaching himself to something that may or may not be any good (like the TOTAL RECALL remake) as long as he’s getting paid well and able to make the smaller films he really seems to enjoy (like THE LOBSTER). 

If Farrell is, indeed, the man to play Steppenwolf, he’d join the likes of Josh Brolin and Oscar Isaac as actors under 6 feet tall who’ve been cast as larger-than-life supervillains and are augmented by CG to appear more grand and menacing. Interestingly, both Brolin and Isaac were also cast after their characters (Thanos and Apocalypse) had already been revealed in previous films. 

Steppenwolf is one of DC’s “New Gods,” and also a member of Darkseid’s Elites. He leads the military of Apokolips, and his powers include immortality, superhuman physical attributes, he’s an expert swordsman, and he wields an electro-axe. Oh, and he’s Darkseid’s uncle, making him a great segue to Darkseid himself. 

Another role Farrell could play in JUSTICE LEAGUE is that of John Constantine. Back in November, we reported that he may be up for thatrole when it looked like New Line- a subsidiary of Warner Bros.- had made JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK a priority. Now that JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK has seemingly gone cold, it looks like the chances of Farrell playing Constantine are relatively minimal. Still, WB/DC could surprise us by having Constantine pop up for a brief cameo to test the waters for a JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK spinoff. Crazier ideas have been thrown around the WB offices lately.

We’re hard at work trying to find out exactly who Farrell is in talks to play, and how valid these rumors even are. As always, keep it tuned to LRM to find out the latest of about DC’s JUSTICE LEAGUE!

In the mean time, sound off in the Comments below. I want to know your thoughts about the possibility of Colin Farrell playing Steppenwolf!

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