– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Hellboy has always been one of those franchises that has fared better with fans and critics than it has with mainstream audiences. The stories have been fun, albeit it a bit slow, but those familiar with the character recognize Guillermo del Toro’s adaptation as a faithful imagining of the character.

For better or worse, however, the films haven’t done amazingly at the box office. The first Hellboy, which was released in 2004, made just shy of $100 million on its $66 million budget. With that in mind, it seems unlikely that the studio even made their money back in its theater run, and is therefore a bit baffling that they followed through with the sequel, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, which hit theaters in 2008. The movie had a budget of $85 million, and managed to rake in $160 million. With those numbers, it probably got closer to breaking even, but we can’t imagine Universal was sitting up at night counting their excess cash with that one.

While fans loved those movies, the disappointing box office disappointment of these flicks didn’t really make it a priority for the studio to greenlight. Del Toro, however, never seemed to give up — and neither did actor Ron Perlman, and whenever asked about the projects, both seemed open to the possibility. Last month, del Toro took to Twitter to gauge fan interest, and after being met with an outpouring of support, he agreed to sit down with Perlman and Hellboy artist Mike Mignola to see if Hellboy 3 was a possibility.

It pains us to report that those talks have happened, and the outcome is a resounding “no,” as revealed by del Toro via Twitter.

“Hellboy 3 sorry to report: Spoke w all parties. Must report that 100% the sequel will not happen. And that is to be the final thing about it.”

If that wasn’t enough to drive the point home, then take a look at a corresponding Ron Perlman tweet.

“Superhero seeks employment. Likes, pizza, cats, and the Marx bros.”

Fans of the franchise will likely be sad to hear that. However, unlike most projects in Hollywood, it’s definitely a bit freeing that they actually announced it wouldn’t be happening. In this business, projects just sort of fade into obscurity, and many fans are often left wondering what had become of said project. With this announcement, fans can at least have some closure to help cope with the loss.

On a personal level, I was never a huge fan of the Hellboy films. To me, they always felt a bit bland and boring, and as a fan of del Toro, it makes me happy that the filmmaker will be diverting his attention to more potentially exciting projects.

What do you think? Are you sad to see Hellboy 3 fall through? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Guillermo del Toro (via Twitter), Ron Perlman (via Twitter)

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