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*Disclaimer, possible MASSIVE spoilers ahead. I have procured most of this information from WatchersontheWall which is to Game of Thrones as TheSpoilingDeadFans is to The Walking Dead. Take heed.*

We last saw Jon Snow (played by Kit Harrington) in season 6 episode 10 of Game of Thrones when the child Lady Lyanna Mormont convinces, through shame, three other houses to join Snow and proclaim him, “The King in the North.” This is possibly one of my favorite episodes ever aired, and the opening 1/3rd of the show (Cersei’s Revenge) has stuck with me for a long time, but I am glad it did because we have all learned that Game of Thrones is starting much later this year. However, I have often wondered just where Snow will go in future episodes, if he will meet up with Dany, will he go after the White Walkers, or will he take the Iron Throne for himself.

There was a tidbit of new information released by WatchersontheWall, but I think it would be best to compile everything we know so far about Jon Snow in Season 7.

We first learned of filming in Spain with Davos, Jon Snow, Missandei, The Dothraki and The Unsullied. This is reported by Los Siete Reinos to be a shoot for Episode 5, it is believed to be in Dragonstone, and it clearly indicates a meeting between Dany (Emilia Clarke) and Snow. Additionally, there has been a fuzzy pic of the two meeting, and unless Dany is off with Tyrion somewhere, I see no reason to believe that she is not here as well. Check the pics out HERE.

A few days later in Zumia we see images of Jorah Mormont (Ian Glen) with pictures of Dany and Snow goofing and walking around the set, and it is said that the fleet of Greyjoy boats shows up. We have longed for the Red and Black dress that Dany is so well known for in the books, and it appears to be laid out in front of her. This guarantees a meeting between the two monarchs. Check it out HERE.

Two weeks ago, thanks to Instagram and the costume team from Game of Thrones posting pictures of themselves in the beautiful Iceland, we started to assume that that was where the next piece was going to be filmed, and it is rumored Jon Snow will take the battle to the White Walkers here. Click ME.

And two days ago thanks to Kit Harrington being such a cool dude, he snapped a photo with a fan confirming that he is also in Iceland. It helps that two boats similar to the ones seen at Dragonstone are also noticed on location as well. ME ME ME, CLICK ME.

So my synopsis: Jon Snow meets with Dany, she accepts Jorah back, and they all go to fight the White Walkers. There, no need to watch season 7 now.

Whew, I will admit that was much harder putting together than simply driving 2 hours to dress up as a utility worker, climb a pole with gaffs, and snap photos of The Walking Dead set with a telephoto lens. Not that I would ever do that, and I am not saying, but I’m just saying.

Game Of Thrones Season 7 premiers this summer, are you excited? Let’s hear from you!

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