– by Joseph Jammer Medina

So the story here is seemingly writer-producer Simon Kinberg’s revelation that X-Men: Apocalypse won’t be a mere sequel, but something that completely alters the X-Men Cinematic Universe over at Fox. However, for this story, I’m going to seize on another aspect of what he says in this interview. Check it out below, then join me after it to see what I found most notable. It’s only 2:14. I’ll wait:

So, that sounds promising, eh? X-Men: Apocalypse will alter history, and all three X-films next year (which will also include Deadpool and Gambit) will be interconnected in some form. But what I really took from here was the way they’re using the big finale from Days of Future Past to differentiate themselves from the other Cinematic Universes that have overtaken Hollywood. 

While, more the most part, the Marvel Studios films tend to try and stick with this idea of these characters existing in a world that we’re very familiar with- our own- it sounds like the brain trust over at Fox wants to create a new, contemporary world for these characters to exist in. Kinberg points out that the world at large, from 1973 on, knows that mutants exist. The world witnessed Magneto drop a football stadium around the White House. Everything that happens from that point on, takes place in a very different kind of world. That event in 1973 should set off a domino effect that would change the world as we know it, and it sounds like future X-movies want to explore that.

That definitely sounds cool to me, cause it’s a different approach than what we’ve generally seen in comic book movies, and because it makes everything that happened at the end of X-Men: Days of Future Past really mean something. One of my gripes with the modern blockbuster, is that these insane things happen in these worlds, and then it’s seemingly “business as usual” afterward as the world at-large just resumes their normal lives and activities. This sounds promising. Or I could just be reading too much into lip-service.

We shall see!


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